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What to expect from the Geneva Motor Show

What to expect from the Geneva Motor Show

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While our own Toronto Auto Show is still open until the 26th, the next big event, the Geneva Motor Show isn’t far away. Running from 9 to 19 March at Palexpo Arena in Switzerland, this is the biggest and most important motor show in the world.

We would love to think our own North American auto shows were the biggest and the best, but for world premieres and sheer scale, Geneva takes a lot of beating. All automakers tend to have a presence there with many global debuts saved for the show. It is also a good opportunity to see how non-domestic automakers are reacting to changes, evolving their designs and generally moving forward.

This year’s show sees all the automakers we know and love as well as a few some may never have heard of.

French automaker Alpine is making a welcome return this year with a new sports car. Once a sports car maker par excellence, Alpine faded from view during the 1980s when owner Renault phased them out. This year, Alpine are debuting a new car and I can’t wait.

BMW are showing a new 5-series touring and the new facelifted 4-series. With the 4-series making waves in North America, it will be interesting to see how this one raises the game.

Geneva wouldn’t be Geneva without a new Ferrari and this year it is the new 812 Superfast. With polarizing looks and a V12 engine that delivers in excess of 800 hp, this is going to be one to watch.

Ford are showing their new Fiesta. Although we have already seen it, this is the official unveiling of the new car. It’s a nice looking car with a great design and a surprising amount of interior space.

Kia will be showing their supermini car too, the Kia Piccanto. While not available in Canada as yet, this is the perfect city car. Small, agile, roomy and surprisingly zippy for a Kia. More of this please.

Lamborghini will be showing their new Huracan Performante which should be even faster than the original Huracan. The awesomely crazy supercar brand is capable of anything so who knows what this will be?

Land Rover
Land Rover will be showing the new Range Rover Velar at Geneva too. It is supposed to be a kind of Range Rover coupe and while I have seen the spy shots, I still have no idea what to expect.

Nissan are apparently debuting some kind of new crossover but have been surprisingly effective at keeping it under wraps. Unusual for the auto industry, so this one will be a complete surprise.

More automakers will be showing, but these are the highlights for me. The Geneva Motor Show runs 9-19 March 2017.

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