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What safety features to look for in your next car

What safety features to look for in your next car


you opinion on the continuing trend of electronic driving aids, the fact that
driving has never been safer is hard to ignore. Whether you regard them as
unnecessary interference or essential safety equipment, these driving aids are
here to stay.

We're going
to assume you think the latter and enjoy the fact there are more tools than
ever designed to keep you safe while on the road. With that in mind, we are
going to list a few of them so you can consider including them the next time
you buy a new car or look for them if buying used.

Automatic lighting

lighting has been a feature of higher tier cars for a few years now and is
gradually making its way to all levels. They are safe because they stop you
forgetting to turn them on when driving, something that happens all too often.

Adaptive lighting

lighting helps you see around corners. No, it really does! It's an excellent
safety feature that uses clever electronics to help you see round bends as you
approach them.

Adaptive cruise control

cruise control is another new technology that is filtering its way down the
model lineup. It uses radar or cameras to watch the road in front and will
automatically adjust cruise control speed to avoid a collision. So if you set
cruise for a certain speed and traffic changes, the system will automatically

Autonomous braking

braking takes a little getting used to but is another safety feature that is
proving very popular. It combines forward collision avoidance systems with auto
brakes to stop the car if it detects something in the way. It's a clever system
that is already proving its worth.

Forward collision

collision avoidance systems use camera or radar to scan the road ahead for
dangers. The system will then use an audio and/or visual cue to alert the
driver to the potential danger. It's up to the driver to take action unless
there is an autonomous braking system installed too.

Reversing camera or

camera or sensors aren't just parking aids, they can be very effective at
alerting drivers to something they haven't seen. Reversing is difficult for many
drivers, so any help we can get is welcome. These sensors stop those car park
bumps or helps avoid someone walking behind you when reversing.

Blind sport alerts

vehicle has them and we all need to be aware of them. Blind sport alerting
systems can help, but we still need to be aware. These systems use sensors to
watch the vehicle's blind spot and will usually alert you with a visual cue in
your side mirror. These are often also referred to as cross traffic alerts.

Those are
just some of the many new innovations designed to make you safer while driving.
If you have particular requirements or needs for your next car, visit your
local Car Nation Canada dealership. We'll have just the thing!

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