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What’s on at the Chicago Auto Show?

What’s on at the Chicago Auto Show?

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Now the Montreal Auto Show is done and dusted, what does the other major show in our part of the world have in store? Chicago has one of the largest attendances of any auto show in the world so is regarded as essential for automakers to attend. As it is only a short drive or flight south, what would you see if you went?

The Chicago Auto Show runs from February 9th for the press and industry with the show opening to the public Saturday February 11.

Ford are apparently showing the new Expedition which features a new lighter aluminium shell and running gear based on the F-150. The 2018 Ford Mustang is also going to be there which has seen some styling tweaks and feature improvements for the new model year.

Nissan are slated to show the new Titan King Cab which will make its global debut. The new truck variant allegedly features rear suicide doors that offer unrestricted access to the cabin which will be interesting to see. There will also be six other Nissan models being shown at the venue but we don’t yet know what they are.

Chevrolet are showing 9 vehicles with some special editions especially for the event. All will be special Redline editions of existing models but the specifics of which we don’t yet know.

Hyundai, Kia’s sibling automaker will be showing the new Elantra GT. When Car Nation Canada owned a Hyundai dealership, this was one of the most popular models. The GT version gave it a little extra pizazz that was welcomed almost universally. Designed to take on the Ford Focus, the Elantra is a solid little hatchback.

Mitsubishi, the troubled Japanese automaker is showing at Chicago too. They will be showing their new Outlander Sport model that takes an existing global platform and brings it to North America.

Subaru is bringing a new Legacy sedan to the Chicago Auto Show. The refresh will give us a new look, new features and an uplift to every element of the vehicle. The Legacy is something of a rarity in Canada, despite being an AWD sedan that offers a lot of practicality.

Toyota will show their Tundra truck and Sequoia SUV at the show. Both models look to take on traditional domestic models at their own game but we don’t yet know whether they will have the chops to do it.

The Chicago Auto Show has a lot in store for anyone in the auto industry or who likes cars. I’m particularly looking forward to seeing what Ford have done with the Expedition though. What about you?

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