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Want to avoid pressure car sales? Buy your car online

Want to avoid pressure car sales? Buy your car online

The auto industry has come a long way in the past couple of decades. No more so than the dealership part of the industry. It is now more inclusive, less adversarial and more approachable than at any time in its history.

There is still work to do though. Car Nation Canada is at the forefront of that work. We have made the dealership experience as easy going as possible. We have done away with pressure sales and sales tactics. We have done all we can to make it as inclusive as possible.

All designed to help make buying your next car as hassle-free as possible.

We have also pioneered our own online car sales portal. So, if you’re still not comfortable in a dealership environment, you can avoid it altogether by buying your next car online!

Buy a new car online

However much the dealership experience has improved, it still has a way to go. There are still sales to make and administration to handle. That requires some sitting around and paperwork.

There are still dealerships out there that subscribe to outdated models of pressure sales and tricks to part you with your money.

Want to avoid all that? Come to Car Nation Canada or buy your next car online.

Our online car buying process is simple:

  1. Browse our stock on our website. We can provide a CarFax report for free when you select a car.
  2. Arrange pre-approval for a car loan. You can do it online or you can talk to one of our loans team on the phone (1-877-796-4466) or via email at Info@carnationcanada.com.
  3. Request a walkaround video if you want to see more of a particular car.
  4. Ask any questions about the car via web chat, phone or email.
  5. Buy the car and complete the paperwork.
  6. Wait for the car to be delivered to your door.

That’s it!

There is some paperwork involved as even online car sales cannot do away with that. The good news is that you can complete it all in the comfort of your own home and send it to us. We take care of the rest!

All delivers are handled with social distancing and hygienic practices. You can collect your car too if you like. We will prepare the car, clean it and prepare it ready for use.

Online car sales offer more choice, more freedom and more opportunity to buy your car your way.

It’s so effective, we have to ask ourselves, what took so long!

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