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Vehicle maintenance is even more important during a pandemic

Vehicle maintenance is even more important during a pandemic

Vehicle maintenance is an essential task that nobody can avoid. Whether you do it yourself or have the dealership do it, car maintenance is the one thing we all have to do regardless of the car we own.

That’s even more true during a pandemic.

Some of us still depend on our car to get to work. There are fewer buses or trains running and those that do could pose a risk.

That makes keeping your car on the road more important than ever. Especially if you don’t have the opportunity to work from home.

The importance of car maintenance

We are in full winter right now and the cold takes its toll on our cars. It puts them under more pressure, forces components to work harder and requires more care and consideration to keep everything in working order

We often blog about car maintenance and how easy it is to perform basic checks. We will reiterate that now.

Winter checks, general maintenance checks or whatever. Spending half an hour a week looking after your car is essential.

Check tires, battery, coolant, oil, brake fluid, wipers, lights, brakes and your defroster. Check them weekly if you can or monthly at the very least.

Warm your car up a little before driving off to give it a chance to run all the fluids through the system.

Don’t start your engine and rev in the cold. Start the engine, let it idle for as long as practical, at least a couple of minutes and drive away gently. This gives the engine time to distribute the oil before you put the engine under pressure.

When topping up your oil, make sure it’s the right grade and type for your car and the temperatures you live in. Also make sure you have adequate antifreeze in your cooling system to keep things running.

Car maintenance at Car Nation Canada

If all that sounds too much, Car Nation Canada can service your vehicle for you. We can perform all those checks and ensure your car has everything it needs to run smoothly and reliably.

We work with social distancing, can hygienically prepare your car before collection and accept contactless payments. We do everything we can to help keep you safe and your car reliable.

Need winter tires? We can change those too. Need tire rotation or just an oil change? We’ll take care of it.

We may be in the middle of a pandemic but life has to go on. We take every possible precaution and do everything we can to protect you, but people still need to get to work and school.

Book your car in for a check today. We’ll keep you on the road!

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