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Trend in online car sales to continue well into the future

Trend in online car sales to continue well into the future

One of the key trends the auto industry is predicting for the coming year is the rise of digital. The gradual increase in online car sales. It’s something that began before the global pandemic and will continue long after it.

Even if we manage to vaccinate our way out of coronavirus, the past year has changed society in a number of ways. Some for the better, some not so much.

One way COVID-19 has changed the auto industry is an increasing willingness to buy online.

The shift towards digital was already happening but at a very slow rate. The dealership model was so entrenched and so much part of the experience that customers were having trouble imagining it any other way. Even Millennials!

Then came coronavirus.

Online car sales

Read any news piece predicting the auto industry in 2021 and beyond and they will all likely say the same thing. Online car sales are here to stay. At least the ones we read do!

Car dealerships who ‘get’ online car sales know you don’t sell the car. You allow the customer to buy it. You provide everything the customer needs to make a buying decision. Give them the tools, the finance, the added extras, and the chance to accessorize and have it delivered.

Then you leave them to it.

You can use sales funnels and calls to action and other online triggers to encourage purchase but you don’t make the sale. The customer makes the buy.

Now dealers understand this and work with it, customers are more open to buying online.

Unlimited car lots

One key advantage of online car sales is a virtual car lot with hundreds or thousands of cars. No dealership has the space to show that many cars physically. Whereas online, you have unlimited space to showcase as many cars as you like.

It has never been easier to check a car out without a sales person hovering. To have a good look around a vehicle without that touch of fear that you’re going to be ‘sold’ on a particular feature just because you’re paying attention to it.

Research and reviews are only a click away. No more do you have to go on gut instinct and a test drive. You can now read hundreds of reviews from real people who bought that exact same car.

All without leaving the sofa.

Other trends for 2021 include the rise of the EV, an increase in buying used and the continued shift to larger crossovers over smaller hatchbacks and sedans. None of them will be as influential as the switch to digital.

Car Nation Canada has embraced digital and offers a smooth buying process designed with the customer at its heart. Try it and see for yourself. We think you’ll be surprised at how good it is!

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