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Top tips for buying a new car

Top tips for buying a new car


nothing like that new car smell. Buying new also allows you to make the most of
the latest safety features, the most fuel efficient engines, new technical
advances, new gadgets and the latest designs. All great reasons to buy new!

Buying a
new car is also exciting. We're very attached to our cars. For some it's a
status symbol, for others a life stage. For others still it's an essential way
to get to work or perform work. A car is many things to many people and all
reasons for wanting a new one are as valid as the other.

If you're
in the market for a new car, here are a few tips to help you get the most out
of the experience and the get most car for the money.


Before you
hit the dealerships, it's a good idea to do your research first. Knowing what
you want, how much you can afford and what technology you want included is a
great way to get the car you need.


  • How
    much you need to finance (if anything)
  • What
    new technologies are on offer
  • What
    new safety features you want to benefit from
  • What
    make or model fits the bill
  • Any
    specific requirements for your needs
  • What
    your trade-in is worth if you have one

We at Car
Nation Canada will be happy to help with your research if you need us to. We
have comprehensive databases of new cars, technologies, safety features and
specifications. All designed to help you get the car you need at a price that's


Some people
are fortunate enough to not need financing. For the rest of us, a car loan is
necessary to get what we want. If you have a car in mind, we can help you with
a loan to finance it. If you have a budget in mind, we can help get the car you
want within that budget.

We also
specialize in bad credit car loans too, so whatever your financial
circumstance, we can help.

It pays to
know in advance how much you can comfortably afford to pay on a loan as it's
something we will have to assess when applying for finance. If you know that
already, it not only saves time, it will also help you set realistic

Trading in

your old car as part exchange for your new one is a great way to finance part
of the deal. If you have an idea of what your old car is worth already, we can
work with that to provide a figure you're happy with.

We have a
number of dealerships that offer fantastic part-exchange deals. We're also
actively looking for good quality used cars to offer at our new Car Nation
Canada Direct site too, so there's always a deal to be done.


everyone is comfortable with the bargaining process of buying a new car but
it's all part of the journey. As long as you're realistic in your expectations,
there is room to maneuver in almost every situation. Our sales force are
trained to negotiate fairly and to offer realistic prices for both trade-ins
and sales.

Paying for your new car

Before you
sign on the line, make sure you're happy with the deal you're getting. Also
make sure you:

  • Are
    getting all the extras you want
  • Have
    agreed delivery or collection
  • That
    you have checked for any hidden extras
  • The
    price of your trade-in is fair

check everything. Take your time, check engine size, options, color and any
changes to the standard specification you made. Then, once you're happy, sign the

Buying a
new car is a necessarily involved process. It's a lot of money and a
significant purchase. Fortunately, the guys here at Car Nation Canada are here
to help you every step of the way!

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