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Top car insurance myths busted

Top car insurance myths busted


Love it or
loathe it, insurance is a necessary element of car ownership. It is as
necessary as gas and tires and we never have a good word to say about it until
we need it. Then and only then does it become interesting.

insurance can also be confusing as there are as many myths as there are truths.
That's what we're going to tackle today. We are going to bust some of the top
car insurance myths so you can make more informed choices about your car and

If you don't claim after a collision your
premium won't increase
– Not true. Insurance companies use a wide range of sources to build a
picture of our driving habits. Just because you don't tell them doesn't mean
they won't find out. Just because another driver says they won't claim, it
doesn't mean they won't change their mind.

Red cars cost more to insure – Not true. Colour does not
influence the premium you pay. It is determined by the car, year, engine size,
your driving record, the area where you live and the age of both car and

I don't have to pay my deductible in a no-fault
– Not true,
although we wish it was. Your insurer has the final say about whether you have
to pay your deductible or not. Even if the accident wasn't your fault, your
insurer may not necessarily agree.

I can use my car for work as its insured by my
– Not
true. To be covered for work use, your own insurance needs to include it. Your employer's
insurance will not cover your vehicle in the event of an accident. Only your
own insurance will do that.

Two doors is less than four but I will have to
pay more
– Not
true. The low number of doors does not in itself cost more to insure. The engine
size, make, model, safety rating and number of claims a particular car has will
influence it more.

If my roommate borrows my car, their insurance
covers any damage

Not true. Car insurance covers the specific car, it does not follow the driver.
So any accidents that happen when you're not driving will likely still impact
your insurance.

I can add my son onto my insurance rather than
getting their own

Not true. If your son is primary driver of the car and you insure it in your
name, with your son as named driver, this is called fronting and is illegal. Technically
it's fraud and should not be considered. It's better to pay the premium and
build a good record than risk it.

Those are
just a few of the many car insurance myths we hear about in our dealerships.
Please don't fall foul of them. If you have any specific questions about
insurance, contact your insurer or ask a broker for advice.

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