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The 5 Best Winter Off-Roading Trails in Canada

The 5 Best Winter Off-Roading Trails in Canada

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Putting any top list together is an exercise in subjectivity but I hope that what I regard as the top 5 winter off-roading trails in Canada suit your needs too.


To me, a good off-road trail needs to be relatively easy to get to, be challenging, offer stunning views and be somewhere to relax at the end. It isn’t much to ask is it?


1.    Cheakamus Lake Trail - British Columbia

The Cheakamus Lake Trail in British Columbia isn’t the longest or the toughest off-road trail but it is one of the most satisfying.


It’s challenging enough to make the trip worthwhile and has some scenery that has to be seen to be believed, even in a country full of such places.


It gets busy with walkers, mountain bikers, and such but there is plenty of room for everyone.


2.    Prairie Creek Provincial Recreation Area – Alberta

The Prairie Creek Provincial Recreation Area in Alberta is close to Rocky Mountain House and offers quite a challenge for even experienced off-roaders.


The trails offer a full day of driving that include water crossings, drop-offs, ascents, and more. There is a campsite there too which is a great way to end a day in the wilderness.


3.    North Copper Logging Road - British Columbia

The North Copper Logging Road is 43 miles long and includes a lot of altitude changes in some pretty wild country.


This one is for experienced off-roaders with the right kit only as there are some big dips, rocks, and some very steep hills. The reward is in the completion and the amazing surroundings.


4.    Ganaraska Forest Trail – Ontario

The Ganaraska Forest Trail in Ontario is a 28-mile loop close to Kawartha Lakes. It includes a lot of climbing, descending, obstacles, and all that good stuff. It’s a shared-use trail but has lots of room for everyone. The forest is amazing, with shadowed areas, bright areas, and lots to see as well as navigate around.


5.    Gun Mountain Loop Trail - Ontario

The Gun Mountain Loop Trail in Ontario is a short 3-mile trail close to Madawaska Valley. It includes a moderate challenge with lots of obstacles and some great views. It is a shared access area with hikers and mountain bikers, but like the other trails on the list, there is plenty of room for everyone.


Canada is blessed with hundreds of places to off-road, but these I think are five highlights.

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