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Pro Tips to use when Selling a Used car

Pro Tips to use when Selling a Used car

We have put together some pro tips that will help when selling a used car. The tips are based on real-world experiences, so make it a point to follow them closely.


How to properly price your used car


When pricing out your used car, there are some guidelines you should follow. Even if you need quick cash (we will tell you where to sell your car for quick cash later), do not set the asking price for your car too low.


By having a low price, you are sending a message to the market that there is either something wrong with the car or you are desperate, both are messages you should not be communicating.


To figure out what your car is worth, AutoTrader is one website that can give you some indication of what the car is worth. While looking at the prices that are listed on AutoTrader, you have to note where the car is located.


This website attracts buyers from all over Canada but if you are in Fredericton New Brunswick and the prospective buyer is in Calgary Alberta, the cost to ship the car has to be taken into consideration.


How to avoid tire kickers


When selling used cars, you are going to come across “tire kickers”, these individuals are always online trying to find a car being sold well below the fair market value.


What some of these buyers will do is come up with a very lowball offer and a litany of reasons why the car is not worth full market value. Even if you accepted the offer that was being made, there is no guarantee the buyer would come through.


If you come across an offer that seems too low to be reasonable, just move on. Some newbie sellers try to argue with people who make lowball offers. Do yourself a favor and save your breath, some people just love to waste your time. There are buyers out there that are willing to give you’re a fair market price for your car.


How to get quick cash for your used car


We touched on this a little earlier but if you need quick cash for your used car, bypass all of the challenges of selling it on your own and go to your local dealership.


These dealerships are motivated to buy used cars for their inventory and can pay you right away. You will not be getting the full retail value of the car because the dealership is going to try and resell it for a profit.


What you will get though is peace of mind knowing that the money you need is readily available. With demand for used cars reaching astronomical highs, you will be able to get a very reasonable offer from the dealers so now would be a great time to contact them for a no-obligation professional appraisal. The sooner you do contact the dealership, the sooner you will have money in your hands.


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