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3 Actionable Tips for Selling an Old Car Quickly

3 Actionable Tips for Selling an Old Car Quickly

There is no doubt that the fastest way of selling an old car quickly is to a dealership. Regardless of where you sell it, there are some useful tips on how to sell it.


That’s what we’re discussing today. We asked some of our sales team for some actionable tips for selling an old car quickly. Whether that’s privately, to a car buying service or to a dealership.


1.        Know what you have


Knowledge is power. In this context, it means knowing your car as much as possible. Being able to answer a question like ‘what size engine is it’ with an answer like ‘I don’t know, I just fill it with gas’ isn’t going to cut it.


You don’t have to know compression ratios or anything too technical. You just need to be able to answer likely questions a buyer would ask.


Now knowing the answer means less work for a potential private buyer, which can put them off. Dealerships know their cars so are less likely to be put off by this, but if you sell it privately, know what you’ve got.


2.     Keep it clean


You always shower before you go to work or on a date, right? Why? To make a good impression. It’s the same for your car.


Clean the car inside and out, get rid of any unsociable smells and do everything you can to create a positive impression. Clean it, wax it, make the tires shine, clean the wheels, clean the interior and empty it of trash.


You’ll be amazed at what a difference a simple clean can make!


3.     Know your payment methods


Sell your car to a dealership and we’ll pay directly into your bank. Sell a car privately and you’ll have to specify what payment methods you’ll accept.


Don’t accept personal cheques. Don’t accept escrow unless you know the institution offering the service. Even then, be very aware.


Accept cash as long as the buyer comes with you to deposit it into the bank. The bank will check the cash is legit before they accept it, doing your job for you.


Don’t accept a cashier’s cheque or banker’s cheque unless you’re with the buyer watching the cheque being cut. These cheques can be easily forged, so watching it cut reduces the risk.


A bank won’t write a cheque like that if there is insufficient funds, which is an extra protection.


Then take the buyer with you to cash the cheque. Again, if anything untoward has happened, your bank won’t cash the cheque or will alert you if it’s an obvious fake.


There is no risk-free option to be paid when selling privately except a bank transfer. That’s how you get paid if you sell your car to a dealership.


These three tips should go a long way to protecting you when you come to sell your car. We hope they help!


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