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9 Top Tips For Buying a Car Online in Canada

9 Top Tips For Buying a Car Online in Canada

Online car buying is becoming well established but is still a relatively new way to buy a new car. As one of the first dealership networks to embrace online car sales, Car Nation Canada has more experience than many and more tips to share for prospective customers.


We want you to be completely happy with your purchase which is why we have put together some online car buying tips. We hope they help you make an informed decision about your purchase!


Create a list


We like to call this list, ‘Must and Want’. Make a list of what your car must have and add a separate column with want to haves. For example, if your car must have AWD, add it to the list. If it must be a truck over a sedan, add that too.


Do the same for wants. Want leather but could live without it if you had to? Add that to the want column.


No such thing as too much online car buying research


There is no such thing as too much research when you’re spending this type of money.


Research makes and models, research reliability, residual values, owner reviews, professional reviews, research depreciation, gas mileage, servicing costs and everything that’s important to you in a car purchase.


The more you know about the various makes and models in your budget, the more informed a consumer you are. As long as all that information doesn’t overwhelm, you can use it to help make your decision.


Research the dealership too


Not all car dealerships are created equal. We recommend you spend a little time researching the company you’re buying the car off as well as the car itself.


What are their returns policies? How helpful are the staff? What’s their after sales care like? What do reviews say? What returns and delivery policies do they have? How do the prices compare?


You get the idea. The car buying experience can influence how happy you are with the purchase for years to come so you want the best experience you can get.


Set your budget and stick to it


If you have bought things online before, you know how easy it is to overspend. Money can seem like an abstract when on the internet when a price is just a number on the page. But it certainly isn’t with big ticket items such as cars.


Make sure you set a budget before looking at cars online and stick to that budget. It might not seem like real money but it is!


Factor running costs into the budget


Don’t forget to factor in gas, insurance, servicing and all those other expenses into the price of the car. This is especially true if you’re using a car loan to finance it.


New cars will cost more up front but less to run as servicing is usually included in the price. Used cars cost less up front but may cost more in the long run as all those things come out of your pocket.


Ask questions


Never be afraid to ask questions. Sales staff are trained to be as helpful as possible and our staff have had specific training to handle online queries via email and web chat.


Compile a list of questions you might have and then contact the team. Ask all your questions and make sure you get satisfactory answers. You’re planning to spend a lot of money so it’s only right that you know exactly what you’re getting into.


Decide if you want new or used


You can buy both new and used cars online with Car Nation Canada. There are pros and cons to each and one will suit your circumstances more than the other.


Buy new and get full warranty, that new car smell and the benefit of the latest technology. Buy used and access higher specification cars for less up front.


Consider a vehicle history report


If you have set your heart on a particular used car, make sure to request a vehicle history report. A history report will show any reported accidents, any outstanding finance, safety recalls and service history. All things you will want to know if you’re buying used.


The dealership may have one on hand or you can buy one yourself. If you’re buying used, we recommend getting one. It’s an investment well worth making!


Research your finance options


We can arrange car loans online, get you preapproved online and perform every step of a car purchase online. We can also arrange the car to be delivered to your home or arrange a time for you to collect it.


Not everyone needs a car loan but if you do, we can help. We can also arrange car leasing, bad credit car loans, co-signer loans and many other types of auto finance. All online.


Visit the Car Nation Canada website to check our inventory and begin your online car buying journey. We’re with you every step of the way!


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