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Time to prepare your car for winter again

Time to prepare your car for winter again

Today is the first of November 2019 which means it’s a good time to begin thinking about getting ready for the cold weather. Winter is hard on a vehicle and the extremes of temperature we can experience in Canada means we have to take some practical steps to make sure we are ready.

The winter this year is predicted to be colder than usual, if that was at all possible. That means getting ready for winter is even more important!

These winter car preparation tips should help.

Check your winter tires

It’s a little early to be changing into winter tires but now is a good time to check them to make sure they are ready for when you need them. Make sure you have a set of four matched tires, that the tread is at least 3.5mm all over and that they are in good condition. Check for wear and damage and get them changed if they fall below standard as you’ll be needing them soon!

Quick winter checks

Check your battery, brakes, front and rear lights, belts and hoses. Make sure all the basics are covered and are in good enough condition to get you through winter. If you spot anything amiss, address is right away. Doing it ahead of time means you won’t get caught out and you won’t have to wait while we deal with the many breakdowns we see over the winter.

Check your fluids

Check oil, water, coolant, washer fluid and antifreeze. Now is good time to make sure you have the oil and fluids capable of surviving low temperatures. Depending on how far north you live, that may require new oil and a refresh of your coolant with new antifreeze. You should always get this done before the cold really hits to avoid damaging your vehicle or getting stuck.

Check windshield wipers

While you’re checking under the hood at washer fluid, make sure to check the condition of your wipers. If you live somewhere that requires winter blades, change them. Otherwise look for cracks, splits in the rubber and any damage. Don’t forget to check your rear wipers too if you have them.

Load your winter survival kit

Now is a good time to put your winter survival kit in a corner of your trunk or rear footwell. Make sure it has some blankets, a bottle or two of water, some food, extra antifreeze, snow chains if needed, windshield scraper, snow brush, shovel, kitty litter, flares, flashlight with spare batteries and a change of clothing. It may seem excessive but you are always better of having this stuff and not needing it than needing it and not having it.

If you need help with your winter preparations, book your car into your nearest Car Nation Canada location. We can take care of everything for you.

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