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Is it Time to Buy an Electric Car in Canada?

Is it Time to Buy an Electric Car in Canada?

The auto industry in Canada is experiencing a profound shift in the way it does things. The government of Ontario recently announced an investment of $1B to help carmakers transition their production lines from gas-powered vehicles to all-electric, or EVs for short.


Politics and opinions on global warming aside, we can all agree that oil is a limited resource, and in Canada, we have renewable sources of electricity that should be harnessed.


In the future, oil could be used for something important, but we will never know if we will deplete the resources that are currently available.


Is now the time to buy an electric car in Canada?


Each person is facing their own unique circumstances, but we are going to review some of the major benefits and potential challenges that come with owning an EV in Canada.


One of the first things that you need to prepare yourself for is the slightly higher price than what you would pay for a gas-powered car.


The raw materials that go into an all-electric vehicle are in short supply, and high demand as the entire world is trying to pivot to all-electric vehicles.


The reason that you can buy a gas-powered vehicle for a lower price than an EV is that there is a larger number of these gas-powered cars available.


Every EV that is produced is scooped up by Canadians who want to take advantage of the profound savings these vehicles represent.


Upside to owning an EV in Canada


  • You can drive by a gas station without cringing in fear about the price per litre of gas. Electricity rates in Canada are affordable; instead of spending $100+ for gasoline, you can refill your EV for a few dollars. There are some people who claim that it takes too long to recharge an EV; it will get faster in time. This is new technology that must be tested before being released to the masses; it would be reasonable to expect that in five years, the amount of time it takes to charge a car is comparable to refilling a vehicle with gasoline.
  • Maintenance costs are kept to the bare minimum. While you cannot do any work on your EV yourself, most modern cars are complex, and hobby mechanics need to steer clear of them. If you own an EV, the biggest maintenance charge you will face is changing tires, but you would have that cost no matter what type of vehicle you are driving.


Some people will hold on to the gas-powered car for nostalgia; whether they are driving a classic Ford Mustang or a supercar, it will take some time before everyone moves over to EVs, but it is not a matter of “if” but “when.”


When you make the switch, you will be saving money and the environment simultaneously, so why not go for a test drive of an EV and see what all of the excitement is about?


You will be amazed by how quick the EVs are compared to a gas-powered vehicles.


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