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The safest way to sell a used car in Beamsville

The safest way to sell a used car in Beamsville

If you are thinking about selling your used car, you could make a good amount of cash and do your part for the environment.

Instead of sending your car to the junkyard, another person could benefit from the car and that means there is one less car that has to be produced.

Steps to take when selling a used car

You should have your car professionally detailed, you may spend some cash up front but having your car professionally detailed will enhance the curb appeal.

Gather the service record of your vehicle, from every oil change, tire change, and everything in between.

Prospective buyers will want to know if the car is in a good state of mechanical repair, if you do not have these documents the buyer will use that as leverage when negotiating the final price of the car.

You can get copies of all the work done by going to the garage and requesting copies.

Do you have the lien release document from the lender that financed the original purchase of the car? The lien prevents a new buyer from registering the vehicle in their name until the debt has been repaid.

If you do not have the lien release, you will have a tough time finding buyers willing to pay the asking price. Contact the lender and request a copy of the lien release or you can get a title search performed on the car, you will need the VIN and to pay a nominal fee, you need either one of those documents to move forward.

Best places to advertise your used car for sale

There are some people using TikTok and similar types of social media platforms to advertise their cars for sale.

While there is no denying that social media has a large number of people using it on a regular basis, the users of these platforms are not actively shopping for cars. The buyers that you do come across on social media for the most part are “tire kickers”.

You could advertise on some of the more prominent platforms like AutoTrader but you are competing with professionals. The professional car sellers have substantial advertising budgets and you don’t stand a chance going up against them.

How to level the car selling playing field

Instead of trying to go against the professionals, you can turn them into your biggest ally. What you do is call your local car dealerships and have them professionally appraise your car.

This way you find out what your car is actually worth and if the offer is appealing to you, the dealership will cut you a cheque on the spot.

You could try to sell your car on your own and deal with all of the challenges that come with the territory. It would be a better use of your time and resources to go directly to your local dealership and let them deal with the headaches that come with selling a used car.

Now that you know how to quickly sell your used car, why not contact your local dealership and schedule an appraisal.

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