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The Pirelli 5G Cyber Tire has huge potential

The Pirelli 5G Cyber Tire has huge potential

The humble tire has remained fairly static for over two hundred years. Aside from developments in rubber compound and tread patterns, the black rubber ring at each corner has changed relatively little. Certainly compared to the rest of the auto industry. Pirelli’s new 5G Cyber Tire seeks to change all that.

The Pirelli 5G Cyber Tire was announced a little while ago but with everything else that’s been going on in the auto industry these last couple of months it has been hard to give them the attention they deserve.

Pirelli 5G Cyber Tire

The Pirelli 5G Cyber Tire can communicate in real time to your car or to other cars. The idea is that if your tire detects adverse conditions or areas of low grip, it can warn you as the driver but also other connected cars on the same stretch of road. As part of the connected cars system, or vehicle-to-everything (V2X) technology, this could have real potential in areas where roads are often less than ideal.

The Cyber Tire contains sensors within the tire to provide data and a 5G chip to broadcast that data to listening devices.

Pirelli have already demonstrated their Cyber Tire in action to prove the concept. It is now up to the world to deliver connected cars and reliable 5G networks to bring it to life.

For the car owner, the Cyber Tire can deliver lots of data to drivers including tire wear, number of kilometers travelled, the make and model of tire, loading of the tire and road surface condition data. While most of this information won’t be of much use while driving, that surface condition data could feed into safety tech to add a whole new dimension to the accuracy and capability of that technology.

As of now, safety tech can see what is around and take action accordingly. There is no safety tech that I know of that will judge the weather conditions or road surface while making those judgements. Knowing exactly what the conditions were like, road conditions, level of grip, level of tire wear and supplementary data could let the safety system know much more about what is going on so it can make much more informed decisions.

The Cyber Tire also has potential for comfort. If a car’s suspension system could be dialed into the tire, it could theoretically adjust the damper settings depending on road conditions, tire pressure and tire wear. There could also be the option for dynamically adjusting tire pressure for really adverse conditions.

I’m not sure I’m comfortable with the idea of the tire reporting back to the car manufacturer about mileage and wear but I’m sure privacy concerns will take that into account and allow an opt-out. I sure hope so anyway!

The Pirelli 5G Cyber Tire offers a world of information from the humble rubber ring. As the only part of the car to actually touch the road, this could have huge potential for the auto industry. Let’s see where it takes us!

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