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The most important things to remember when selling a used car in Dundas

The most important things to remember when selling a used car in Dundas

There has been a massive spike in the demand for used cars. People who want to buy a new car are forced to wait months for delivery of a vehicle due to the shortages caused by the pandemic.

These consumers have turned to the used car market to meet their car driving needs. The used car market is hot not only in Dundas but around the world.

Used cars that do not sell locally are usually sold to buyers in Africa, Europe, and other developing economies. Odds are you won’t be selling your car overseas, there are too many moving parts involved in that type of transaction.

If you follow our suggestions, you should be able to sell your car quickly and get a decent amount of cash for it.

Important administrative hurdles to address

In the past, way back before the Internet, if you wanted to sell your car, you would park it in your driveway, put a “for sale” sign on the car and wait.

No one has time to wait these days, so you need to get all of your ducks in a row before putting your car up for sale. The first thing prospective buyers want to know is whether you have the registration for the car and there are no liens on it.

When you sell a used car, you complete a transfer document that the buyer takes to Service Ontario to register the car in their name. If there is a lien registered against the car (it is linked to the VIN) the car cannot be registered and you could find yourself in a legal hot water!

You own the car, but the lien that is registered against it means that before it can be sold, the lien must be repaid. Was the loan repaid? If it was, you would have received a document from the lender saying the lien was removed.

You can reach out to the lender and ask them to email you the lien release document.

After you have the lien release in place, you should get the service record of your car. Prospective buyers want to know whether the car was well maintained.

Since they won’t take your word for it, you have to provide them with the receipts you received whenever you had work done on your car.

If you do not have all of these documents in place, the buyer will think the car was not properly maintained and give you a low offer.

Once you have these documents in place, you can finally list your car for sale and hopefully get a good offer. Another way to sell your used car quickly and get paid a fair price is by using the dealership shortcut.

With such a shortage of used and new cars in the market, dealerships are eager to buy used cars but they also need to turn a profit so they will offer below what your car is worth but you get paid right away. I

f you want cash fast and no hassles, then head over to your local dealership and sell your car to them.

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