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The Lincoln Continental Coach Door Edition is all sold out

The Lincoln Continental Coach Door Edition is all sold out

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The limited edition Lincoln Continental with suicide doors sold out within a couple of weeks of the order books being opened. Demand for the Lincoln Continental Coach Door Edition was hotter than expected and the eighty models planned for release were quickly snapped up, causing Lincoln to think about making more.

I never even saw this coming. The Continental is an amazing car with the looks and luxury to match but I did not think those suicide doors would appeal to buyers. It appears I was mistaken. Very mistaken.

Lincoln were surprised too. They said that demand far exceeded the limited run of 80 vehicles. So much so that they are planning to add another run sometime next year. That limitation of 80 was because the car was also referred to as the ‘80th Anniversary Edition’, to celebrate eighty years of Lincoln. It seems another catchy name will have to be thought up for the next batch.

Given that the Lincoln Continental Coach Door Edition was priced ‘north of $110,000’, it is surprising indeed that these sold like they did. Nevertheless, it’s good news for Lincoln!

2019 Lincoln Continental
The 2019 Lincoln Continental is the automaker’s flagship sedan and really does stand out from the crowd. With great looks, impressive levels of luxury and refinement and all the technology you could wish for, it’s no wonder it sells in significant numbers for the segment.

The design is smooth, there is no other word for it. The now more subtle front end with smaller grille and modern lighting looks the part while the hood curves sinuously up to the raked windshield. A rounded roof, sculpted waistline and minor panel detailing flows down the profile to an equally subtle rear end with twin pipes. It’s an excellent design that really appeals.

Inside, there is leather and luxury aplenty. The interior is light and spacious and the quality is clear to see. With premium leather, superb stitching and a well laid out dashboard, the interior of the 2019 Lincoln Continental is a very nice place to be.

The available engines are equally refined delivering power and performance without fuss. The equally refined automatic transmission makes short work of changes and ensures the drive is as sure as it is smooth and you hardly feel a thing regardless of what kind of driving you do.

With enhanced technology, advanced safety features and the luxury and exclusivity the marque really delivers. It’s no wonder the Continental is a popular sight on our roads. Visit Northway Ford Lincoln, 388 King George Road Brantford ON N3S 3N2 to learn more about the 2019 Lincoln Continental.

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