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The Lincoln Black Label experience

The Lincoln Black Label experience


Lincoln really is serious about shaking up its business and
attracting all kinds of new customers. One way it's doing that is paying
Matthew McConaughey to drive a 2015 Lincoln MKC Black Label. Another way is to
create a sort of members club for those who can afford it, called the Lincoln
Black Label Experience.

Launched late last year, Lincoln Black Label Experience is a
sort of elite club that offers access to some unique vehicle trims on both the
MKC and MKZ. These two vehicles offer four new upscale interiors, some unique
exterior trim and access to some perks not available anywhere else. The Lincoln
Black Label Experience offers access to free annual car detailing, unlimited
car wash, VIP access to restaurants for meals and more.

When you decide to buy a Black Label vehicle, a dealer
representative comes to you, not the other way round. Whether you're at work or
at home, someone will visit and demonstrate the packages available and show you
what you get for your money. Dealers will also collect the car from you when
it's time for servicing or detailing.

Dealerships have to go through special training to become
Black Label Certified. Once they do, they can offer these elite services as
part of their product offering.

"Black Label represents a new level of Lincoln luxury
in terms of product execution and personal service," said Matt VanDyke,
director, global Lincoln. "This combination of elevated service, materials
and execution will set Lincoln Black Label apart."

"Our goal is to provide an ultimate sensory experience
by creating luxurious environments with a variety of unique colour themes that
resonate with customers," said Janet Seymour, Lincoln colour and materials
design manager. "We achieve this by using the most premium materials with
meticulous attention to detail."

What all that means is four unique interiors for either the
MKC or MKZ. The four themes are named Indulgence, Oasis, Modern Heritage and
Center Stage. Indulgence is inspired by chocolate and features dark brown colours
while Modern Heritage is black and white with red accents. Each vehicle will
also have different alloy wheels and a small black letter on the MKZ or MKC
badge at the back.

The Lincoln Black Label Experience will be rolled out across
many Lincoln models and in many more dealerships once it gains momentum during
2015. Currently, the only qualified dealerships are in the U.S. but it won't be
long until Canada follows suit.

In the meantime, check out Northway Ford Lincoln, 388 King George
Road Brantford ON N3S 3N2 for everything Lincoln!

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