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The importance of dealership reviews when buying a new car

The importance of dealership reviews when buying a new car


you're buying a new pair of jeans or a new car, reviews now play a vital role
in the decision making process. Reviews seemingly came out of nowhere, first
they were limited to travel and then services. Now every site that sells
anything uses reviews to help you make a decision.

We have
always used car reviews and watched TV shows to learn about new cars and to
help our car buying experience. Now it's possible to rate the dealership too.
With websites such as DealerRater growing daily
in both size and importance, we can now see what other people thought of their
car buying experience.

Social proof

Reviews are
known as social proof. Social proof is feedback provided by peers and real
people on their experiences. As this isn't controlled by the retailer or by
their PR department, it is seen as carrying more weight than typical marketing
material. As long as the reviews are impartial, they are very powerful.

We have seen
with sites such as Trip Advisor how quickly we have adopted social proof as an
essential part of the buying experience and for good reason. We see it as the
truth. The retailer has no influence over what is said except by providing
great products and services. As that's what we are looking for anyway, the
customer is the winner. That's why social proof is so powerful.

Building trust

An auto
dealership that embraces impartial reviews and responds to them proves to their
customer base that they value what they think. It's a feedback loop that
benefits both the customer and the dealership. The customer
gets a steadily improved service and the knowledge that their opinion is
important. The dealership gets a steady flow of information on how good the
training, processes, products and services are. As long as the dealership
responds appropriately, it's a great way to improve service.

The importance of reviews

Trust in
big business is at an all-time low and has been since 2007. Once we had to
depend on marketing to tell us about products and services, ceding control of
information to businesses. The rise of the consumer review changed all that.
Now the consumer has control and business has to respond to the consumer.

Reviews play
a vital role in our decision making. They show us what the product is like in
the real world, how the dealership treats you as a customer and whether they
offer value for money. When spending a lot of money on something like a car, impartial
opinion is vitally important.

A word of caution

As you
probably already know, anyone can say anything online. If you find something
you don't like, cross check it. Use an independent source such as another
review site or use other reviews. If something is said once, it might just be
an isolated incident. Only if it happens multiple times should you use it as
part of your decision making.

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