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The importance of dealership reviews when buying a car

The importance of dealership reviews when buying a car

Review sites are a relatively new concept. A concept
that has caught on and expanded faster and further than anyone could have
anticipated. Reviews can become so pervasive, that few of us now make a buying
decision without consulting them. Buying a car is an important financial transaction.
One that needs an element of trust between the dealership and the buyer.
Dealership reviews now play an important part in that relationship and can
significantly influence that buying decision. That's why they are so important.



They are also important as they act as social proof.
It's your opportunity to learn from other people's experience on a wide scale.
It is for this reason alone that we think reviews are so powerful.



Dealership reviews for the customer



Dealership reviews benefit you the customer because
they show you how the dealership treats customers, the relative quality of the
cars they offer, how they compare on price, service and many other aspects of
the car buying process.



Dealerships have no input into these reviews, so you
can be reasonably confident that they reflect a true user experience.



The only caution we would offer about customer reviews
is to remember that anyone can say anything online. Regard all reviews with a
hint of suspicion and don't believe everything you read. If you read something
that concerns you, double check it with an independent source. If the same
thing has been said more than once in more than one place, bear it in mind. If
it has only been said once in isolation, don't necessarily take it as truth.



Dealership reviews for the dealership



Dealership reviews also benefit the dealership
themselves. It's a validation of all our hard work and also shows us where we
may be falling short in terms of service. We read reviews all the time to make
sure we're not disappointing our customers and that we're offering the levels
of service you expect.



The same rules apply for us as they do you when using
customer reviews. If something is said multiple times by multiple sources, we
take steps to rectify or address the subject of the comment. If it has been
said only once, we monitor the situation to ensure it isn't something new or
the beginning of a trend.



Dealership reviews have a lot of influence in the
modern marketplace and we embrace them. They work for you by providing valuable
insight into the quality of service waiting for you at Car Nation Canada. They
work for us by showing us quickly what we're doing right and what we can



As long as they are used wisely, dealership reviews
offer too much value to ignore!

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