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The Ford Ranger Raptor is real!

The Ford Ranger Raptor is real!

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After hinting about it a week or so ago, Ford have confirmed that the Ford Ranger Raptor is actually a thing. The Australian arm of the automaker has announced that they will be building a Raptor variant of the small truck during 2018.

The only fly in the ointment is that the announcement only covers the Asia-Pacific region which does not include Canada. However, if the Ranger Raptor goes down well or demand is high enough, there is no reason why it won’t appear in North America. That is especially likely given how massively popular the F-150 Raptor has been across the continent.
Here is a video of the Ford Ranger Raptor in action.

The video doesn’t give a lot away but it clearly shows a Ford Ranger Raptor in action. Camouflage is still in place, no tech specs are mentioned but inspiration is certainly given to want one of these small Ford trucks.
Ford Ranger Raptor
As I said last time when showing those teaser images, we know very little about what to expect. The images showed a wide truck with a short front and shorter overhang at the rear. Off road wheels and tires may have been designed to confuse, or not. 
Since those images, rumours have been spreading of the new Ford EcoBoost V6 engine being the driving force behind the truck. If mated to the buttery smooth 10 speed automatic transmission, it will be a sweet ride indeed.
As we didn’t get to see the running gear on those teaser images and cannot really see much in the video, we still have no idea what to expect underneath. Will it have some new-fangled setup or use uprated coil springs? Will it have anything exotic or smaller versions of what the F-150 Raptor uses? 
The regular Ford Ranger is scheduled for production in Michigan during 2018 so we have a little while yet to see what the base truck looks like before we are likely to see a Raptor. In the meantime, the F-150 version continues to delight.
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