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The fastest way to sell your used car in Ontario

The fastest way to sell your used car in Ontario

Are you looking for the fastest way to sell your used car in Ontario? You are in luck; we are going to cover all of the steps that you must follow, or you could end up getting scammed. Please pay close attention and let us begin.

Preparing all of the necessary paperwork

There are some important documents you will need to prepare before you can sign your vehicle over to the new owner and collect payment.

As an Ontarian privately selling your used car, there is a special, used car sales kit that you must purchase from the Government of Ontario.

This kit costs twenty dollars, and you must pay for it upfront; once paid, the kit will be sent over to you in the mail.

Another set of essential documents you will need is the lien release for the vehicle. This document is proof there are no encumbrances when the new buyer tries to register the car in his/her name.

Most Canadians are not able to buy a car outright from their own personal savings; they need to get financing. When the loan was issued, the lender would have registered a lien against the vehicle; once the loan has been paid in full, the lien would have been removed.

If you paid off the loan and the lien is still active, you need to contact the lender to get that removed immediately.

The last series of documents you will need to prepare when selling your used car in Ontario is the service record for your car.

In theory, you could sell the car without these documents, but if you have the complete service record, it gives you leverage when negotiating a final asking price for your used car.

Without the service record, the prospective buyer could try to lowball you; if you are unable to find receipts, then contact the shop that did the work on the car and get duplicate receipts.

Staging your car before taking photos

You want to present your used car in the best possible light; you need to have the car professionally cleaned and polished so it shines.

After the car has been detailed, you can start taking high-quality images of the interior and exterior of the vehicle.

Take the highest possible resolution photos, so prospective buyers will not ask you to take additional pictures and waste time.

A faster way to turn your used car into cash

While posting your used car online is one way you could try to sell it, the fastest and safest way is to sell your used car to a local car dealership.

The dealership will need to appraise the car to see what it is currently worth and make a cash offer based on their analysis. There is no obligation to accept the cash offer from the dealership, but if you do, you get paid right away!

So now that you know the fastest and safest way to sell your used car in Ontario contact your dealership today and lock in the deal before used car prices drop.

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