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Short Guide to Sell a Car Easily in Canada [2022]

Short Guide to Sell a Car Easily in Canada [2022]

Want to sell a car easily in 2022? You're in luck; our tips are going to show you how to sell your used car safely. These steps may seem like a hassle, but they have one single objective, which is to help you sell your used car.


Documents needed to sell your used car


The first thing you need to get out is the loan papers you signed when you bought the car. This document would register a lien against the car.


If there are payments still owed on the vehicle, you will not be able to sell it. No potential buyer is going to cut a check, if there are active liens on the car.


You can request a new lien release from the lender if you are not able to locate the original.


Suppose you are thinking that you won’t mention the lien and try to sell the vehicle. In that case, it will come out when the buyer does a title search on CarFax, and by trying to pull a fast one, you will get the reputation of being a dishonest car seller.


You can do something to impress your prospective buyers is to provide them with copies of all the service work that was done on the car since you took ownership.


This includes oil changes, tire rotations, and everything in-between. When you provide this information upfront, the buyer will feel more at ease about making an offer.


Putting your best foot forward


When you have all the documents in place, the next step is taking pictures of your vehicle. There is no need to buy a new camera; your smartphone camera should work fine.


While taking pictures of your vehicle, don’t be afraid to get right in there. The more detail that you provide, the better.


After taking the pictures, you should create videos of the car both inside and out. If you want to go above and beyond, you should take a video of the car driving.


All of these steps are going to help give your advertisement a fighting chance and help sell your car easily in Canada, but you are not done.


While having great images is helpful, you will need to create a compelling advertisement. Talk about the mileage and condition of the car; you should note your asking price and whether that price is negotiable.


Whenever possible, you can use bullet points because most buyers are not going to invest much time reading listings with a lot of text.


The most direct way to sell a car easily in Canada


We have saved the best for last; when you want to sell your used car fast and are not able to follow all of the suggestions that we provided, there is an easier option.


We need to set the expectation right away, though; while you will be able to sell your car right away for cash, you will not get your full asking price.


Local car dealerships will happily buy the used car from you, but they need to resell the car for a profit, so they will not be able to give you the full asking price. This is the best way to sell your used car when you need to get paid fast.


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