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The Chrysler Portal Concept

The Chrysler Portal Concept

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While the rest of this week’s news has been from Detroit, this final piece is from CES, the Consumer Electronics Show which was also held last week in Las Vegas. The majority of the automakers who were there were talking about autonomous driving but Chrysler had something else on show, the Chrysler Portal Concept.

The Chrysler Portal Concept is apparently designed for ‘Millennials’, those Gen Y buyers born between 1982 and 2001. Most of that is just marketing hyperbole and can be safely ignored because when you get down to it, the Portal is a futuristic concept like any other.
It is a fully electric vehicle powered by an electric motor and 100kWh of lithium-ion batteries. Projected range is 400 km (250 miles) and it can be recharged in a mere 20 minutes. The concept includes voice and facial recognition, partially autonomous capabilities and a digital dashboard among other features.
The facial recognition part is linked to preferences, so if you use the car a lot, the system will recognize you and set the seat, mirrors and steering to your preferred settings.
The design is very rounded but looks current too. The profile is very sleek and shiny, as any concept would be, but the overall impression is a positive one. With front and rear sliding doors and no pillar between them, the car opens up like no other in a safe and practical way. Panoramic glass from the windscreen up and over to the roof ensures the interior is very light indeed.
Here are a couple of videos released to coincide with CES.


​Chrysler Portal Concept
The interior of the vehicle is very pod-like. Each passenger has their own zone of influence where they can have their own lighting and music. There is also the inevitable connectivity and app system that allows you to keep in touch with your world and take selfies, because that’s all Millennials do apparently.
The Chrysler Portal Concept will never make it to production as that isn’t its intent. Instead, it is a platform for Chrysler to show off their direction of thought and aspirations for the next ten years. So while we won’t see this on the road in its current form, we are getting a picture of what the automaker thinks the future holds for drivers. I kinda like it.
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