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The advantages and disadvantages of owning an electric automobile in Canada in 2022

The advantages and disadvantages of owning an electric automobile in Canada in 2022

In 2022, Canadian drivers will face significant hurdles; with gas costs well over two dollars per litre, you're definitely considering switching to a hybrid or all-electric vehicle. Before you can make a final decision, you must examine several important factors.

All-electric or hybrid? What you need to know

Automobile manufacturers have moved away from the traditional internal combustion engine (ICE) and toward hybrids and first-generation all-electric vehicles.

A checklist of questions must be answered in order to assess whether a hybrid or all-electric vehicle is the best option for you.

What part of Canada do you live in? If you live in a rural location of Canada with harsh winters, such as Northern Ontario, having an electric vehicle may be difficult. Your EV's driving range will be impacted by the cold.

Furthermore, because you live in a rural region, you may have limited access to charging outlets. There is a massive effort on to install as many charging stations as possible, but this will take time.

How many kilometers do you walk on a weekly/monthly basis? Canada is a beautiful place to live in, but getting to work and living a regular life requires a lot of driving; if you drive a lot, you'll need an EV with a long range so you can go longer between charges.

Is your home's electrical system up to date?

To help with rapid charging, you may need to modify your electrical panel to a 200 amp+. This is money well spent, and you should be eligible for a government reimbursement for upgrading your panel; just make sure the job is done by a licensed electrician.

The only time having a hybrid makes more sense than buying an EV is if you live in a region of Canada with no charging infrastructure; otherwise, an EV is by far the best alternative.

Not all electric vehicle manufacturers understand the Canadian climate

All of the major and minor automakers are launching their own all-electric vehicle lines. It's an exciting moment to be a driver in Canada right now.

While there are numerous electric vehicles to select from, we can assist you in narrowing down your options.

When it comes to choosing an electric vehicle, go with a well-known brand such as Ford. Ford has been manufacturing automobiles for nearly a century and has produced legendary vehicles. When it comes to quality, nothing compares to a Ford.

But don't take our word for it; visit your local Ford dealership and test drive their entire lineup of electric vehicles.

EVs offer a fantastic driving experience, and you'll be grinning every time you pass a gas station and don't have to pay $2+ per liter for gas. Even if you have a bad credit history, visit your local Ford dealer today; it will be the best move you make this week.

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