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The 5 biggest mistakes car buyers make

The 5 biggest mistakes car buyers make


As part of
our continuing efforts to ensure all Car Nation Canada customers drive away
completely happy with their purchase, we are continuing our car buying advice
series. Today we're going to discuss the 5 biggest mistakes car buyers make.

There's a
lot to think about when buying a new or certified used car and a lot of
information to take in. It's all too easy to lose sight of why you came here in
the first place and why you're buying the car you're after. Here at Car Nation
Canada, we do everything we can to make sure the car itself will deliver on its
promises but we also want to prepare you for the process to. So here are those
5 biggest mistakes car buyers make, don't make them yourself!

1.  Skipping
the research

a new car is probably the most important step for a number of reasons. It
allows you to shortlist the most suitable cars, allows you to set your own
agenda with regards trim choice, features and options and gives you a realistic
expectation as to what is available at what cost.

Use the
internet, the motoring press or talk to one of our helpful staff, but you must
do your research!

2.  Not
appraising your trade-in

If you're
trading in your old car, it's a good idea to have a notion of what it's worth
before entering the dealership. We always offer fair prices for your old car
because we always need quality used models. But, we also want you to feel like
it's a fair price.

Knowing how
much your car is worth in advance helps set expectations and helps you feel
like you're getting a good deal once you're here. Use the internet, see what
cars the same as yours are selling for elsewhere and then come to Car Nation
Canada for an appraisal.

3.  Skimping
on the test drive

We have
discussed the test drive before and we're going to again here. It is a vital
part of the buying process as it allows you to try before you buy. We are
constantly amazed at customers who don't bother driving the car they are
planning to purchase.

After all,
driving it is what you're going to be doing with it for the entirety of your
time with your car. Why would you not make absolutely sure you're a good fit?

4.  Buying
from a dealer you don't trust

We know some
auto dealerships have a certain reputation and we fight hard against that.
That's why you don't get a hard sell or pressure from anyone at Car Nation
Canada. We want you to be completely happy with the deal you're getting so do
everything we can to ensure you get the right car at the right price.

If you
aren't sure about the dealership near you, or don't like their tactics, walk
away. You can always go back or try somewhere else. The customer really is

5.  Buying
under pressure

Whether the
pressure is the hard sell, time, money or your circumstances, you need to avoid
buying when you're under pressure where at all possible. It's rare that we make
good decisions when we feel stressed, worried or under pressure. When you're
spending thousands of dollars, that is especially true.

That's why
pressure sales don't work. You might buy something but you're not going to be
happy with it and the dealership loses you as a returning customer. It's far
better to walk away from a pressure situation than put up with it.

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