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What Is Test Owning A Car When Shopping Online?

What Is Test Owning A Car When Shopping Online?

The gradual shift towards buying cars online instead of from a dealership has changed many aspects of car buying. Not least of which is the test drive. Buying cars online means taking a leap of faith in the hope you like the car or buying the same car over and over as you know what to expect. Or you could test owning a car you see online


Test owning


Test owning is the new way to test drive a car. Rather than spend 30 minutes driving around the dealership with the sales person in tow, you get a few days to test drive at your leisure.


Once you buy the car, you have 3 days, or 250 kms to test drive the car and either keep it, return it or exchange it for another. That’s much more like it!


You can drive the roads you usually drive, enjoy the experience without the sales spiel and relax while you test every aspect of the car.


The overall impression we get from customers is that even a longer test drive isn’t enough to give a full picture of the car. Perhaps test owning will.


While we never put our customers under pressure during a test drive, everyone is aware that your time is limited. That’s completely different with test owning.


The benefits of test owning


The main benefit of test owning vs test driving is time. Rather than 20 minutes around the dealership, you get 3 days wherever you like. As long as you keep the mileage sensible and under that 250km limit, you can return the car if you don’t want to keep it.


You get to tell if the seats are okay for all day driving, whether you can fit groceries and family luggage in the trunk, whether your ATV or mountain bikes will fit, whether you can pair your phone easily with infotainment, whether the car is easy to park or manoeuvre around town and every test you can think of.


There is a limitation with test owning though. It isn’t always possible with brand new cars. Those initial few kilometres are what makes a new car new and will impact the value, so won’t always be possible.


For new cars, you may need to use a dealership tester in the traditional way.


You cannot test own a privately sold car either, obvs. That’s just one more reason to buy a certified used from Car Nation Canada rather than off eBay or Craigslist!


Check this page for all the small print regarding online car sales with Car Nation Canada. Our terms are simple and common sense.


If test owning makes more sense for you, visit Car Nation Canada today and select from a wide range of vehicles from across all manufacturers. Our team is ready and willing to help!


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