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Stellantis Canada News: Investing 2.8 Billion on EV Plant

Stellantis Canada News: Investing 2.8 Billion on EV Plant

We all know that EVs are the future. They may not be the only zero emission drivetrain available but they are sure to be the most popular. Car buyers are waiting patiently for all of these new releases! We now have more Stellantis Canada news about their EV plan.


Stellantis Windsor Assembly Plant Credits: CBC


That’s perhaps why Stellantis is doubling down on EV development and is investing $2.8 billion in its Automotive Research and Development Centre and Windsor Assembly Plant.


Some of that money will also go to a new battery lab and the Stellantis plant at Brampton will also be upgraded to handle EV manufacture.


That’s great news for Windsor and Brampton and for Canada as a whole!


New opportunities


Stellantis said the Automotive Research and Development Centre in Windsor, Ontario will be hiring around 650 new staff to help maintain production and development EV technologies.


Jeep EV Concept


They need help with batteries, drivetrains, controls, power management, software, hardware, power and drive and a range of other areas.


The new battery lab will also be built in Canada, but the release didn’t say where. Presumably, as much of the other EV development will be happening in Windsor, the lab will be somewhere close.


The Brampton plant will be retooled and upgraded to a ‘flexible architecture to help support the company’s electrification plans’.


Exactly what that means is anyone’s guess, but an investment like this should help keep the plant going for the foreseeable future.


Building on firm foundations


This $2.8 billion investment is in addition to that announced earlier this year. Stellantis is working with LG Energy to invest $4.1 billion in a new battery factory in Windsor.


This factory along will employ around 2,500 people and will begin construction later this year.


The plant will build lithium-ion batteries for EVs and other uses and plans to product in excess of 45 GWh worth of batteries per year.


Carlos Tavares, Stellantis CEO said:


“Our joint venture with LG Energy Solution is yet another stepping stone to achieving our aggressive electrification roadmap in the region aimed at hitting 50% of battery electric vehicle sales in the US and Canada by the end of the decade.


“We are grateful to the Municipal, Provincial and Federal levels of government for their support and commitment to help position Canada as a North American leader in the production of electric vehicle batteries.”


If you’re an engineer and are interested in EVs, now is a good time to move to Canada!


Electric future


Stellantis is investing big in EVs, like most other automakers. It intends for 50% of its US production to be EVs and 100% of its European range. Presumably, the Canadian range will be somewhere in the middle before a complete shift.


2022 Chrysler Airflow Concept


In all, the automaker wants 75 EV models in its range by 2030. That’s quite an ambitious target!


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