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A Simple and Fast Way to Sell your Car in Burlington

A Simple and Fast Way to Sell your Car in Burlington

Anyone interested in selling their used car should use these professional tips to help make the entire experience a more positive one. However, there are some critical dos and don’ts that you must follow, or you could end up making the wrong decision.


Do you have the correct paperwork to sell your used car?


You will need to have some important documents in place when selling a used car. If you are living in Ontario, there is a used car sales kit that must be used; it costs $20 and comes to you via Canada Post.


It is impossible to sell your used car to another private buyer without the kit, so you should order it right now.


The sales kit is just one set of documents required when trying to sell a used car. For example, is the vehicle paid for, or are their active liens against it?


Potential buyers will not buy a car that has active liens against it; there is too much paperwork involved in having a 3rd party lien removed.


However, prospective buyers will ask if you have the lien release, so you should get that settled right away.


Something that most first-time used car sellers forget to prepare is the service record of the used car.


You should have a copy of all the work that was done on the vehicle in one folder that can be presented to prospective buyers.


By showing the car was well-maintained, you can ask the buyer to pay more because the vehicle is in great condition for the age.


If the vehicle has low mileage, that is another great reason to try and negotiate a higher price.


Posting your used car in the right place


Like real estate, selling your used car is impacted by location. If you live in a remote area of Canada where there are few potential buyers, your asking price will be lower than what you would ask if you were in the GTA or more urban area.


It would be best if you did not deal with buyers that are out of province or not able to meet with you personally. Most serious car buyers would want to inspect the vehicle before making a firm offer or payment.


By insisting on meeting with buyers in person, you are reducing the risk of being scammed.


A faster and simpler way to sell your used car


One of the best-kept secrets when it comes to selling your used car for fast cash is going the dealership route.


The local dealership is willing to buy your used car and will pay cash for it right away.


But, first, you must contact the dealership and bring your vehicle down for them to appraise; when the dealership has completed the appraisal, they will move forward and make a cash offer.


You will walk out of the dealership with cash in hand if you take the offer. This is the simplest and easiest way to sell your used car in Canada; you just need to contact the dealership now and get things rolling.


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