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Should I Buy a Hybrid?: 4 Huge Benefits of Buying a Hybrid Vehicle

Should I Buy a Hybrid?: 4 Huge Benefits of Buying a Hybrid Vehicle

There’s no doubt that electric vehicles are the way of the future, but for now, you might want to be asking yourself "should I buy a hybrid?"  In the transition from gas-powered to fully electric vehicles, the hybrid car can be the best of both worlds.  Let’s look at some benefits of buying a hybrid now.


The Benefits of Buying a Hybrid Vehicle


Gas Savings: Driving a vehicle that can run partially on electricity means spending less on gas overall.  Short commutes are great for hybrid owners because they mostly run off battery power.  Not having to stop for gas once a week means huge savings for you.


Price Point: Hybrids offer a mid-range price point making them more affordable for Canadians.  While they aren’t the cheapest vehicles around, they are less expensive than some fully electric cars.  Factor in the fuel savings and it means spending less on your vehicle in the long run.


Availability: With the transition to EVs looming, hybrids have increased in popularity and availability.  You may not have to wait as long to get into your new hybrid as you would a brand new fully electric car.


Hybrid vehicle sales


Options: Hybrids are available in different iterations, giving you plenty of ways to get into a fuel efficient vehicle.


Full hybrids -  These hybrids have a combustion engine and an electric battery engine.  The battery charges itself while the engine is running so it doesn’t need to be plugged in.


 The engines alternate based on speed, so you don’t need to worry about having to switch power sources manually.


Mild hybrids - Also have two motors but run parallel with one another as opposed to separately.  They also don’t need to be plugged in.


Plug-In hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV): PHEVs can run fully on electric power and switch to the gas motor when the battery is depleted.  As the name suggests, these vehicles need to be plugged in to recharge their batteries.


Style: There are hybrid versions of pretty much every type of vehicle.  Maybe you didn’t want to get an SUV because of how much gas they use.  Getting a hybrid cuts your fuel costs and makes owning an SUV even more practical.


2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee Plug-in Hybrid

2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee Plug-in Hybrid


Even many pickup trucks are available in hybrid versions.  You get the power you need from the gas-powered engine but the economy of battery power.  Looking at hybrids really opens up your options for efficient and environmentally friendly vehicles.


At Car Nation Canada we want to help you find the perfect hybrid vehicle, so take a look at our inventory today.

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