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Should I buy a new or used electric car?

Should I buy a new or used electric car?

Canadians who want to buy an all-electric (EV) car have some important decisions to make.

One of the first decisions is whether to buy a new or previously owned electric car.

The used electric car market is starting to grow; as it grows, there are some best practices you should follow to get the best value for your money.

New vs. Used EVs key things to consider

What is your car-buying budget? This question will set the tone for the rest of the conversation. With gas prices in Canada climbing through the roof, there is an urgent need to transition from gas-powered cars to all-electric ones.

There is no denying that these EVs will save you money on fuel over the life of the vehicle, but do you have enough room in your budget to purchase a new one?

The average EV will run about $35,000, depending on the make, model, and features you want. This is a reasonable price, especially when you factor in long-term savings.

One of the challenges you will face, though, when trying to buy a new EV is the limited supply of cars that are available.

The major carmakers in Canada are working day and night to scale the production of their electric vehicles; Ottawa has also made strategic investments to help streamline this transition.

If you are unable to find the new electric car with the features you want or simply do not want to wait, then buying a used model is your only viable alternative.

Things to bear in mind when buying a used electric car

This market is fairly new, so it can be challenging to navigate, but we can borrow some best practices from buying used internal combustion used cars and apply them here.

The first thing we should do is look for manufacturers that have a great reputation for building quality vehicles; Ford and Jeep are examples of brands that produce some of the best vehicles in the world.

There are new electric carmakers in Canada that you could buy, but you could be setting yourself up for a major disappointment in the future.

You should not buy a used electric car from private sellers unless you trust them 100%. There are scammers out there trying to sell electric cars involved in accidents or damaged batteries.

The only way you can protect yourself from these scams is by going through a reputable dealership in your area with a pristine reputation for customer satisfaction.

How to get the most competitive financing on an electric car

Whether you are buying a new or used electric car, if you want to save money and get the best possible deal in Canada.

You must go through a local car dealership in your area. The deals you come across online cannot hold a candle to what your local dealership is able to secure, but you need to contact them today.

The sooner you make the transition to an electric car, the more money you will save on fuel going forward.

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