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Shopping for a new car without visiting the dealership

Shopping for a new car without visiting the dealership

The global pandemic is slowly receding but COVID is still around and will be for a while yet. While it’s perfectly safe to visit a dealership, we can understand that some of you aren’t quite ready for that. So, what happens if you want to buy a new car? Can you buy one without visiting the dealership?

Yes, you can!

Car Nation Canada has offered online car sales for over a year now. We were initially developing the system to deliver on what our customers want. Then the pandemic hit.

We accelerated our program and it has been running now for a while.

How can you buy a new car without visiting the dealership?

You can you buy a new car without visiting the dealership by buying online. Visit our website, check out our stock, chat to a sales person and we can take care of the rest.

You can view our entire inventory online. You can view all our special offers, all incentives and everything you would normally see in the dealership.

Once you find something you like, you can:

We can tell you about the car, provide a video walkaround and answer any questions you might have. Our team have had specific training to help online car buyers so you’re in good hands!

We still recommend researching makes and models and knowing exactly what you’re looking for but we are also happy to work with you to select the perfect car for your needs.

Car loan preapproval

Need a car loan? We can help with that online too!

Simply complete our online form and we can get you preapproved for a car loan. The process is fast, free and painless and will give you an answer in the shortest possible time.

We can also discuss car loan preapproval over the phone or email if you prefer.

The car loan

When you have found the perfect car for your needs and have been preapproved, we can also apply for the loan online too. Our car loan application form is simple and easy to complete and will be submitted in complete confidence.

We can also discuss your car loan over the phone or email if you prefer. Use the details above to contact the team and someone will be in contact very soon.

Car delivery

So, what happens when you want your car? You have two options. We can hygienically prepare your car for you to collect from our dealership or we can deliver it.

Hygienic preparations mean minimal risk of infection. The handover can be done contactless and our teams will take every precaution to protect everyone.

If you prefer to have the car delivered, we can do that too. As long as you don’t live too far away, we can arrange contactless delivery on a day to suit you. It’s free within 100km too!

You can buy from Car Nation Canada online with confidence knowing that we offer you a 3-day, 250 km money back guarantee, as well as a 5-day exchange program.

We want you to be happy with your purchase.  We value your business, and we hope to build long-lasting relationships with all our customers!

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