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How to shop for your first EV in Burlington

How to shop for your first EV in Burlington

Shopping for an Electric Vehicle in Burlington doesn’t have to be much different than shopping for a gas powered one, even if it's your first EV.  The initial steps are all pretty much the same: understand what you’re looking for performance and space-wise, have a budget, and obtain financing.


If you’re new to shopping for a vehicle, you might still need some guidance on how to get started and find the best car for your needs.


What are you looking for?

Whether your first EV is a little hatchback to get from home to work or a more practical SUV for carting the kids around, there’s an EV for everyone.  All the major automakers have entries in the EV market, as well as some newcomers breaking in with surprising success (hello Lucid Air, car of the year!).


Even heavy haulers in need of a powerful pickup can find what they need in an EV.  The Ford F-150 Lightning has impressive power and towing capabilities to appease even the most ardent lovers of ICE trucks.


Bottom line, no matter your needs, you can make the move to an EV with ease.


How should you budget?

Now, we understand that for the most part, EVs have a higher upfront cost than your average gas-powered vehicle.  There are still government incentives for qualifying vehicles, so take advantage of those if you can.


It also pays to remember that you’ll no longer be filling up your gas tank every week.  Those savings will add up over time and help to justify the initial sticker shock.


It’s also known that EVs require less routine maintenance by virtue of them having fewer internal moving parts.  More long-term savings brought to you by the power of electricity.


What about financing?

The vast majority of people buying a car in Burlington don’t have the cash to purchase it outright.  With any major purchase, starting with a large down payment makes future payments easier to make.


Down payment or not, you’ll need to secure a loan to buy the EV you’ve selected.  Depending on your credit situation, you may be limited in where you can get financing.  Luckily, if you have low or no credit, there are dealers who specialize in helping people like you get into the perfect vehicle.


Now you’re ready to start your EV journey and get on the road to the future!



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