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Selling your car easily in Simcoe

Selling your car easily in Simcoe

Making the decision to sell your vehicle should be the most difficult part of the process, in our opinion.  Once you’ve made that critical life decision, the rest should be quick and easy!  Here’s how to sell that old car the easy way.

The market in Simcoe is still tipped in the seller’s favour, so the days are gone of being guaranteed more money for your car by selling privately.  Used car dealers are eager to fill their lots and they want your car, almost regardless of age or beauty.

First and foremost, make sure you have all your ownership and other paperwork in order.  Anyone interested in buying the vehicle will want to know its full history.

Next, clean your car up!  Give it a good wash on the outside and clean up any personal items or refuse from the interior.  The goal is to have it looking like a blank slate that someone else can just slide right in to.

The next steps can be done right from home!  You can get started on a vehicle appraisal right from your couch.  Before you ever head into a dealership, fill out the form to be contacted with a no obligation appraisal of your vehicle.


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