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3 Great Tips for Selling a Used Car in Burlington in 2022

3 Great Tips for Selling a Used Car in Burlington in 2022

The used car sector has experienced unprecedented growth since the onset of the pandemic. Here we are nearly 2 years into the Covid outbreak and the demand for new and used cars has never been higher. If you are thinking about cashing in on the car buying frenzy by selling a used car in Burlington, it helps to have the right strategy to save time, money, and hopefully avoid being scammed which is sadly a major problem.


Setting Yourself up for Success


To begin, you will need to download the used car sales kit being offered by the Government of Ontario. You may feel like this step is a hassle, but having the right paperwork in place will make the entire sales process easier for you and prospective buyer.


After you have downloaded the sales kit, you should also get the lien release letter the finance company would have sent to you when you made your last payment. You could, in theory sell a used car in Burlington if there is a lien on it, but that lien must be paid off in full before the new owner can register the car in their name.


One of the first questions that prospective buyers will ask is whether there is a lien on the vehicle, most non-professional used car buyers will not make an offer if there is an active lien.


Drafting an Awesome Advertisement


To optimize your chances of selling your used car in Burlington, you will need to write up a great advertisement. This ad needs to give a comprehensive overview of the vehicle preferably in bullet points, so anyone who is reading the ad will be able to quickly determine whether the car is a good fit for them.


It is also recommended to include photos of the interior and exterior of the car and a video of it running.


All of this documentation may seem labor intensive, it is necessary since most prospective used car buyers are shopping around online, you need to put your best foot forward.


Best Place to Sell a Used Car in Burlington


You could use platforms like AutoTrader and Kijiji Autos to list your used car for sale. Both of these platforms attract a considerable number of buyers from all across Canada, that are looking for used car.


You may be tempted to pay a premium for your advertisements to stand out from the rest.


While these “sponsored listings”, do increase your exposure, you are competing with other professional used car sellers who have bigger advertising budgets, so do yourself a favor and refrain from using these paid services.


If you really want to safely sell your used car and get paid fast, the best and quickest way is through a local car dealership. It should come as no surprise that car dealerships are in constant need of fresh inventory and can pay cash.


These dealerships can appraise your car and if you accept their competitive offer, then you walk away with cash. Now that you know the quickest way to sell your used car safely, you can head over to the dealership for a professional appraisal.


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