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Selling an Old Car to a Dealership - Pros and Cons

Selling an Old Car to a Dealership - Pros and Cons

The two main ways of disposing of a car to make space for a new one is to trade it in or sell it privately. There’s now a third way. Sell your car to a dealership. Selling an old car to a dealership doesn't mean you have to trade in. You just sell it for cash to use however you want.


Selling a car to a dealership is an excellent way to make a little money or make a little space for a new car.


With that in mind, we asked our Freelton auto loans team for the main pros and cons of selling your car to a dealership.


Pros of selling your car to a dealership


There are some genuine benefits to selling your car to a dealership.


You don’t have to buy – Trading in a car requires you to buy something from the dealership. Selling your car for cash doesn’t. We are always looing for good quality used cars and you don’t have to buy from us in return.


Better prices than ever – There was always a compromise to be made when trading in. A lower price for an easier process. Now, with dealers paying more than ever, you don’t have to accept such a low price but you still get an easier process.


Quick and easy – Talking of easier, how much easier could it be than sitting down drinking a coffee while your car is appraised, we make an offer and you decide to accept, or not?


Low risk – While the vast majority of private sales go well, there is always a risk that it won’t. That could be outright theft, a payment scam, or something else. Selling a car privately can be a nervous time but there’s none of that when you sell to a dealer.


Cons of selling your car to a dealership


We feel it’s only right to point out a couple of compromises to selling to a dealership.


Still not quite market rate – Dealers now pay more than ever for quality used cars but you’ll still not get the same price as you would with a private sale. It is faster, easier and safer but if it’s dollar value that matters most…


Dealers won’t buy customs or modified cars – If you drive a self-built car, custom or modified car, a dealer won’t touch it. They are a completely different market to the one dealers are in and selling the car afterwards would be a challenge, so dealers don’t buy this type of vehicle.


As you can see, the pros to selling your car to a dealership far outweigh the cons. As long as your car is in good condition and can be resold, we will offer a fair price and a simple sales process. All without you having to buy anything from us in return!


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