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Tips For Selling Your Car in Oakville Ontario

Tips For Selling Your Car in Oakville Ontario

Selling your old car to a dealership is now the most efficient way to dispose of your old car in time for a new one. Even if you’re not buying a car from that dealer, they will likely still want to buy your old one. Selling cars is a simple, painless process but does require a little preparation. Our Oakville auto loans team has put together some simple tips for selling your old car to a dealership. We hope they help!


Clean the car


A clean car doesn’t make it more valuable but it does make it easier for a buyer to assess its condition. It also makes the inspection a more pleasant experience, which can improve your chances of a sale.


All our appraisers have stories of having to inspect filthy cars, having to wipe grime from components to inspect their condition or content with stained, filthy interiors during a test drive.


Many of those appraisals didn’t end in a sale!


Prepare the documentation


While a little late for your current car, if you don’t keep all receipts for work you had done on your car, now is a good time to start. The same for servicing.


While dealerships can check the service record digitally, they won’t be able to check for non-dealer repairs or parts. Having the receipts for all work makes it easier to tell the car’s story and assess how well it has been looked after.


You’ll also need the vehicle title and registration documents to be able to sell it.


Price the car fairly


Pricing can be a real area of contention so it’s essential to price your car fairly and set the appropriate expectations.


Check websites that sell used cars, check Kelley Blue Book and check everywhere cars like yours are sold.


Make sure to compare like-for-like. That means the same make, model, trim, year and mileage. Compare as closely as possible to your car to get the most accurate figure.


Then remember that dealerships will never pay market value. Although prices are now higher than ever, dealers still have to make a profit!


Be accurate and honest


If the car has accident damage that has been repaired, say so when asked. If it was written off and rebuilt, say so. Dealers can check these things out and will do, before buying the car.


The process will go much smoother if you’re up front and honest about the car’s history and what it has been through.


We know of many sales that fell through because we discovered a car has been in a collision and the owner didn’t tell us.


While the repairs may be completely safe, it makes us wonder what else you’re not telling us. This can be enough for us to refuse the car.


These great tips for selling your old car to a dealership makes the process simple, safe and hassle free. It can also get you a better price than you might think!


If you need help or advice on anything to do with auto loans in Oakville, contact Car Nation Canada today, we can help!


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