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Selling your Car to a Dealership Compared to Privately

Selling your Car to a Dealership Compared to Privately

Everything in life and pluses and minuses, good points and bad, pros and cons. Understanding these pros and cons helps us make informed decisions about things. In today’s case, selling a car.


There are definite pros and cons to selling your car to a dealership compared to privately and that’s what we’re covering today.


Pros of selling your car to a dealership


Fast – Bring your car to a dealership to be appraised, accept the offer and get paid. It can take between 60-90 minutes for the whole thing and that’s time well spent!


Safe – Relax in our dealership, let our experts inspect the car and get paid straight into your bank. No risk, plenty of reward!


Convenient – Book an appraisal, relax with a coffee, sit in the warm, do the deal and get paid without leaving your chair.


Higher prices – Selling to a dealership was often associated with lower prices. That’s no longer true. We can pay more than ever for good quality used cars.


Cons of selling your car to a dealership


No modified cars – If you have heavily modified your car or added more than privacy glass, we probably won’t be able to buy it.


No quite market rate – While we pay more than ever, we still cannot pay the same as you would get privately.


Pros of selling your car privately


Maximum value – If you need to squeeze the maximum cash out of your car, selling privately is the only way to do it.


Sell any car of any age or condition – You can sell anything you like privately. If there’s a buyer out there, you’ll sell it!


Cons of selling your car privately


It’s a hassle – You need to create the ad, take loads of pictures, remove all identifying data from those pictures, handle viewings and test drives and make sure you don’t get ripped off.


Payment anxiety – Payment anxiety is one of the most serious cons of private sales. There are lots of scams and scammers out there more than willing to part you with your car and the cash.


Risk – Payment is just one of the risks of a private sale. Strangers in your home or garage, test drives, payment scams and other risks are all possible. Not necessarily common, but definitely possible.


Hard bargainers – From what our customers have told us, people are looking harder for a deal than ever before. They bargain hard, expect something for nothing and won’t think twice about walking away if they don’t get what they want.


On balance, and yes, we’re not exactly unbiased here, we think selling your old car to a dealership compared to privately makes the most sense.


You don’t have to worry about creating an ad or any of that. No test pilots or tire kickers, no timewasters and no payment anxiety.


Just a simple, transparent process between respectful people. Who wouldn’t want that?


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