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Sell your car safely this Holiday season

Sell your car safely this Holiday season

Selling a car is both an exciting time and a nervous one. Selling a car often means making space and money for a new car, which is exciting. Selling a car means having to go through the hassle of advertising and selling the car.

You could avoid all that if you sell your car to our dealership for cash.

If you prefer to sell it privately, here are some tips for selling it safely. We want everyone to enjoy the Holiday season without anything going wrong!

Ensure the ad is accurate

You’ll find some buyers are actively on the lookout for mistakes in the ad or any hint of anything wrong. They will latch onto it and use it as a pretext to knock the price down in order to bully you into letting the car go cheap.

Double and triple check the ad before publishing it to make sure it’s 100% accurate.

Be prepared to walk away

Always have in the back of your mind that you’re going to come across buyers who just want your car for as little as possible.

Like the bullies mentioned above, people will use every trick in the book to knock down the price. Some may be fair but most will not.

We are all worth being treated fairly so if you come across difficult buyers or those who want to intimidate or bully you into lowering the price, be prepared to walk away.

The used car market is strong enough to allow you to recover from a lost sale pretty easily, without having to put yourself through that!

Meet in a safe place

When it comes time for a car inspection, there are two schools of thought. One says viewings should happen at your home to reassure the buyer you’re legitimate. The other says you should have viewings in a safe, neutral place to reassure both of you.

We suggest the second option. A mall car park, well-lit public space or a police safe zone if they have them in your area.

Most buyers will understand the necessity of protecting yourself and as long as you can prove the car is yours, everything should be fine.

Never view or test drive alone

If someone is coming to view your car, don’t do it alone. Have a buddy around close by, just in case. The buyer will probably bring someone too so there should be no problem.

The same for the test drive. Never let the buyer test drive alone. Always accompany them and have your buddy either accompany you or follow behind in their own car.

It’s as much a deterrent as it is a way to cope with anything that might go wrong.

Safe payment options for car sales

Payment is a key stumbling block for car sales. When you sell your car to a dealership, we pay direct into your bank but private buyers won’t always want to do that.

We recommend accepting cash as long as you don’t hand over the keys until you have banked it. That way, the bank checks the cash is legit and you’re not walking around with lots of cash.

Otherwise, banker’s or cashier’s cheques are okay as long as you’re there in the bank while the cheque is being cut.

Some buyers will deposit the funds direct into your bank but you need to keep hold of the keys until the funds have cleared in your bank, just to make sure.

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