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Sell your car in Beamsville

Sell your car in Beamsville

Summer is coming to a close.  Soon it will be autumn in Beamsville: the leaves will change colour, the mornings will become crisp, the grapes will be harvested, the humidity will make way for cool nights and cozy sweaters.  As you think about all the coming changes, think about your car as well, and if maybe that’s another department that could use a refresh.

Selling your car could be just the thing you need to lighten up your life!  Changing out your gas-guzzling SUV for a hybrid or electric vehicle may be something you’ve been thinking about for a while.  Or maybe you’re like thousands of Canadians who have transitioned to work from home and no longer need to commute every day.  Whatever the reason, selling your car could be a great option.

Owning a car is expensive: car payments every month, insurance, gas, maintenance, plus whatever issues pop up.  When you’re paying for all this and your car spends most of its life sitting in the driveway, it’s a bit of a waste, right?

It really isn’t difficult to sell your car if you know where to start.  You can choose to sell yourself privately through social media, which is a fine option if you have lots of time to deal with people who may not be serious buyers.  Not to mention meeting with strangers to let them see and test drive your car.

Dealers haven’t always had the best reputation for paying top-dollar for used cars, but with all of the shortages the auto industry has faced since early 2020, that has changed.  Used cars are selling at a premium, so dealers can buy them at higher prices than ever.  Now really is the time to check out what a dealer would pay for your car.

Selling to a dealer is also quicker than selling on your own, and much easier as long as your prepared.  Spend a few minutes making sure you have any necessary paperwork (like ownership and vehicle maintenance history) before you make your request for an appraisal online.  Much of the process is online so you barely have to leave your home!  Who wouldn’t want that?

When you’re ready for a fall vehicle refresh visit us at Car Nation Direct to see just how easy we can make it to sell your car and leave happy.

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