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How to Sell a Used Car for Good Money in Canada

How to Sell a Used Car for Good Money in Canada

The used car market in Canada is on fire. It seems like everyone is trying to cash in on this opportunity. If you have a used car you want to sell, these tips will help increase your chances of success and sell a used car for good money.


Having the right frame of mind


You need to set your expectations right from the start, or you could find yourself suffering from “analysis paralysis”. The majority of us are not professional used car experts, so it is natural to feel a little anxious.


Selling used cars is a very common thing, so common the Government of Ontario has provided a kit that every private used car seller must use.


Do you have the lien release for your car? This is a document the original lender would have sent to you when you made your final payment. If the loan for the car has not been repaid in full, the lien will still be active and most prospective lenders will not make an offer.


If you are unable to find the lien release, get a copy ASAP because you really won’t have success selling your used car without it.


Importance of having a great advertisement


So many people are trying to sell a used car for great money in Canada. With all of this activity, your used car advertisement needs to stand out if you want to attract a large number of potential buyers.


To give your advertisement an edge, you should approach it like you were the prospective buyer. What do you want to see in an advertisement? You want to know the asking price and condition of the vehicle. Do you have the VIN so the prospective buyer can use services like CarFax?


Along with providing detailed information, you also need to insert high-quality photos and a video if possible. We live in an era where most people don’t want to read, so anything you can do to communicate the value of the vehicle visually will go a long way.


The good news is your smartphone already has cameras that are capable of taking exceptional photos and videos! You may be tempted to spend money to have your advertisement prominently displayed on websites like AutoTrader and Kijiji, but you should not spend your hard-earned money.


Professional salespeople are using these platforms and frankly, you cannot compete with their budget.


How to sell your used car quickly


When you are in a pinch and need cash quickly then you cannot spend time and energy trying to sell the car yourself, what you should do in this situation is bring your car to a local car dealership.


The car dealership will be able to give you a free appraisal and let you know what your used car is worth in the current market. Another wonderful benefit of going to a local dealership is their ability to pay you on the spot.


You get to avoid all of the hassles associated with selling a car on your own, but you get paid cash which is great when you need money right away.


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