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Sell a Used Car Fast and Easy with these Tips

Sell a Used Car Fast and Easy with these Tips

Selling your used car is a great way to make some quick money. There is an actual demand for used cars and you can turn that demand into some cold hard cash. However, while selling a used car can be lucrative, it comes with its own unique set of risks.


We are going to cover some of the risks that come with selling a used car, by the time you reach the end of this conversation you will be ready for anything.


Getting your paperwork in order


The first thing you have to do is go to the Service Ontario website and download the private used car sales kit. This is your first time selling a used car, so you may not know about this requirement. If you don’t use the sales kit, you could find yourself on the wrong side of the law!


Once you have the kit in place, you can fill out the blanks and if you want to get a jump on things, you could order a CarFax for your vehicle, you just type in the VIN and get the report. CarFax will let prospective buyers know if the car was involved in an accident.


Now that the paperwork is out of the way, you can start drafting the advertisement for your used car. Websites like Autotrader have a template you can use when creating your used car advertisement.


The written part of the ad should be easy to read. There are numerous cars for sale online and you want your listing to stand out from the others. The only way you can achieve that goal is by using bullet points and sticking to things that matter like mileage, condition of the body and whether the car was Winter driven. These are the things that prospective buyers are interested in.


Something that you will need to incorporate with the written content is really good quality pictures and videos of the car.


Most first-time used car sellers do not include these high quality photos and videos. When a buyer sees you put up high quality pictures and videos, they appreciate you going the extra mile and are more likely to make an offer.


You need to steer clear of using social media when trying to sell your used car. Feel free to share your Autotrader advertisement with family and friends but don’t list your car for sale in the various social media marketplaces.


The “buyers” that frequent these marketplaces are just looking to make lowball offers and are not serious car buyers.


Finding the most serious car buyers in your area


You should only deal with local buyers, this makes it easier for the driver to go for a test drive and also reduce the risks of being scammed. If you really want to sell your car without any hassles, you can bring the car to a local dealership.


The dealership will assess the value of your car and then make an offer to buy the car, by going through a dealership, you are eliminating all risks and getting paid fast.


If you’re looking to sell your car, we’d love to buy it for a great price! Simply fill in the form below and we’ll get back to you ASAP! 


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