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Should you Sell your Car when Travelling for Months?

Should you Sell your Car when Travelling for Months?

We were asked this question a little while ago by a customer wanting to travel for a year. On one hand, they wanted a car when they returned, but on the other, they could use the money they made while travelling.


Now the world is opening up again and travel is possible once more, this seems like a time to answer this question.


To store or to sell your car when travelling?


The answer depends on whether you have to pay for storage or really need the money or not.


While we would encourage everyone to sell their car to a dealership, we appreciate that isn’t the right answer for everyone.


Our actual answer was, if you can store it on your drive or in your garage, keep the car. If you need to pay for storage, sell the car.


If you could do with the extra cash to make travelling more enjoyable, definitely sell the car!


A year and a day


A year is a long time. If you were travelling for just a month or two, keeping the car would be a no-brainer. It can sit on the driveway or even on the street and be fine when you get home.


Keeping it standing for a year, through a Canadian winter and through whatever else happens isn’t going to be so good.


A car can stand still for a year without significant problems. It will need an oil change and a thorough inspection before you drive it again but it should work fine once you check the gas, oil and perishable parts.


Money for travels


In this particular situation, there was another reason to sell. To have more money for travels. After over a year of lockdowns and pandemic awareness, now is a good time to enjoy life again.


People still need to be careful and distance but the world is opening up and welcoming visitors. It’s a great time to travel.


So why compromise those travels by running out of money?


You can work when you get back. Slide back into your work routine and the 9-5 and buy another car once you return.


Enjoy life a little more while you’re away.


Sell your car to a dealership


For a fast, painless process, sell your car to a dealership. We’ll pay good money for quality used cars and take it off your hands.


We pay fairly and we pay promptly, directly into your bank. If you have outstanding finance, we can help settle the loan and pay you the balance. It’s all part of the service.


There’s no need to pay for storage or worry about your car while you’re living your life, sell it to us instead and have one less thing to worry about!


For any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us here!


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