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How to Sell your Car Quickly Like a Pro!

How to Sell your Car Quickly Like a Pro!

If you are thinking about selling your car and buying a new one, you are in the right spot. These suggestions are going to help you make the most of this opportunity and sell your car quickly like a pro!


Figuring out what your car is worth


The used car marketplace has a very limited supply of vehicles to choose from. This limited inventory provides you with the opportunity to get more money but the car has to have tremendous resale value.


There are some vehicles like those that are manufactured by Toyota that hold their value even if you have had them for many years. We mention Toyota but other brands have great resale value.


Canadians can look on websites like Kijiji and AutoTrader to find out what other people are quoting for a similar vehicle but that may not be a good approach. The prices that are being quoted on these sites may not reflect the true market conditions.


How long has the vehicle been advertised for sale at the current price? We mentioned that there is a limited inventory of cars to choose from so if a car has not sold in 90+ days then the price is too high.


Turning to professionals for insight


You should consider going to your local dealerships and asking them for a professional appraisal. The appraisal should be based on the current fair market value of the car and also what it would be worth as a trade-in.


What some dealerships do is offer more money if the customer is going to buy a car from them than when compared to simply providing an appraisal to purchase the used car.


Try to get 3 appraisals so you will have a better understanding of the market and what your car is worth.


Benefits of selling your car to a dealership


The dealerships can do something that most private buyers cannot and that is act fast If you want to sell your car quickly, private buyers may need to apply for a loan or need time to come up with the cash.


With a local car dealership, they can cut a check right then and there.  This is especially appealing if you are strapped for cash and need it fast.


You have to remember that the dealership cannot give you the full market value of the car. They need to make a profit and cover the costs of running the business but you should be able to come to a mutually agreeable price.


Before you can sell your car, the dealership is going to run a lien search to make sure there are no outstanding loans on the car. If there are outstanding liens, those will be paid by the dealership if the amount agreed upon is enough and you will receive the difference.


With all of the great car buying and available selling opportunities, you should have no issues getting a fair price for your used car the only question is whether you will be buying a new one.


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