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How to Successfully Sell your Car with no Mistakes

How to Successfully Sell your Car with no Mistakes

You’ve seen the news about the shortage of used cars and have been thinking about selling your car, let’s be honest we have all thought about it. If you are serious about selling your car then it's best to learn how to successfully sell your car with no mistakes.


Write a comprehensive description of the vehicle


There is an adage, do something right the first time and you never have to do it again. When trying to sell your car with no mistakes, you should write a detailed description including the mileage, condition of the car, and all the details about it.


By providing as much information as possible, it should reduce the number of people contacting you with questions like how many miles on the car? Or what is the asking price?


Locating prospective customers


This step is dependent on where you live in Canada. If you are living in a major metropolitan area then you should have no real issues finding someone local who is interested in your car.


Should you be living in a very rural area of Canada, then you may need to cast a wider net or use platforms like AutoTrader to reach more potential customers.


Avoid social media


There are marketplaces on social media that seem like a great place to list your car for sale, and on paper, it does seem like a good idea however, there are some risks to take into account.


Most of the “buyers” on social media are there to chat with friends and share memes, they are not there to buy a car. What some people do is buy vehicles to salvage the catalytic converters from them.


Other individuals are trying to buy cars then turn them for a profit, in either scenario these buyers are going to give you a lowball offer. These offers are infuriating and even if you accepted the offer, there is a good chance the buyer doesn’t have the cash on hand. (you can use websites like Kelly Blue Book to determine a ballpark price for your car).


Aside from the time wasted on these individuals trying to lowball you, you also have to take into consideration the security risk. Some criminals scour social media looking for people who are selling their cars.


These criminals will note the car and that it is for sale and either try to steal it when you are not home or they will use your car listing on different websites to try and scam potential buyers.


While all of this may sound like a conspiracy theory, it does happen so stay away from social media, at least when trying to sell your car.


Cutting to the chase


You could cut to the chase and sell your car to a local car dealership. The dealership will be interested in adding another car to their inventory.


Another benefit of selling your car to a local dealership is they can pay for the car right away. With other channels, the prospective buyers may not be able to come up with the money to buy your car. If you accept the offer made by the dealership then you could walk out of the place with cash in hand.


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