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Sell a Car in Grimsby Easily and Quickly

Sell a Car in Grimsby Easily and Quickly

Did you know you can sell a car in Grimsby and it doesn’t have to be time-consuming or complicated?  When you sell to us at Car Nation Canada, it can be as easy as finding an amazing winery in your neighbourhood. 


Follow a few easy steps to sell a car in Grimsby and get cash in your pocket. 


Start in the comfort of your home and find out what your car is worth.  There are plenty of resources available online to find out the average asking price for your vehicle.  Using the Canadian Black Book or CarFax as starting points will make your research easy. 


Get your paperwork sorted out: service records, vehicle history, and title.  People want to know as much as they can about your vehicle before they purchase it. 


Clean your car and do any minor, inexpensive repairs.  Replacing wiper blades, fluid, and checking air tire pressure can all make your car more appealing to buyers. 


Also consider the tax savings for trading in your car versus selling it privately.  If you want to buy a new Ford Bronco for $36,000, the HST on that will be $4,680.  If your car has a trade-in value of $15,000, that will reduce your taxes paid on the final amount owing to $2,730.  That saves you $1,950! 


Now you’ve saved time by coming to a dealership instead of selling privately, and you’ll be saving money by using your used car’s value against a new one.  Head over to Car Nation Canada or fill in the form below to sell your car today! 


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