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How to Easily Sell your Car for Quick Cash

How to Easily Sell your Car for Quick Cash

If you are thinking about selling your used car, these simple tips will help make the entire process simpler.


The used car market is overheating


Demand for used cars has never been this high. When the pandemic started, carmakers stopped producing new cars. As the virus spread throughout the world, the supply chain got jammed up and the makers of microchips used in the production of new cars went offline.


Consumers who wanted to buy a new car either must wait a few months to get a new car or buy a used one. Since the number of used cars is decreasing monthly, it has created a used car sellers’ market.


With demand increasing daily, there is arguably no better time to sell a used car. While demand is high, these best practices are going to give you an edge and make the entire used car selling experience a pleasant one.


Crunching the numbers


Before you can put your used car up for sale, you need to determine what your vehicle is worth. The prices for used cars vary depending on where you live in Canada. If you are living in the GTA or other major metropolitan area, you should have no problems finding buyers who are willing to pay your asking price.


If you are living in a rural part of Canada, like the Maritimes, you have a smaller pool of potential buyers so you will need to adjust your pricing strategy.


Take a look on a few different platforms where used cars are posted for sale, Kelly Blue Book, Kijiji Autos, and Auto Trader would be good options.


Make a list of the top 10 comparable vehicles in your postal code or province. You should use a middle-of-the-road pricing point.


Coming up with a great advertisement


When you have calculated the asking price of your used car. You can now create an advertisement for it.


There is no special software that needs to be downloaded. Most of the used car platforms have a standardized template where you “fill in the blanks” and upload a photo.


The content that you put into the template can make all the difference.  Prospective car buyers are not interested in reading large volumes of content, they just need to know the important stuff. If you use bullet points instead of lengthy sentences, your advertisement will stand out.


You also need to take some really high quality photos of the interior and exterior of the car.


If you truly want your used car advertisement to stand out, then you should make a video of the car. These little things can make all the difference so take them seriously.

Should you find yourself in a situation where you need to sell your used car fast and don’t have time to go through these steps, there is a legitimate option.

You can bring your used car to a local car dealership, the dealership will provide you with a competitive offer and if you accept the quote, they will pay you right away.

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