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What to do if you're Scammed when Selling your Car

What to do if you're Scammed when Selling your Car

It doesn’t happen often, but it does happen. Fraudsters are everywhere and they will target anyone, at any time. One time you are particularly vulnerable is when you sell your car. If you were scammed when selling your car, this article should help you decide on next steps.


You’re likely dealing in thousands of dollars and are opening your home, or at least, driveway up to complete strangers.


While the vast majority of private car sales go smoothly, enough don’t for everyone to be aware of what to do should the worst happen.


What to do if you've Been Scammed when Selling your Car


Once you’re over the shock of what has happened, it’s time to take action.


Collect all the information you have on the scammer. Their phone number, license plate of the car they turned up in, their description, any name or address they gave and proof of any ID you may have requested.


You’ll need all this for the police report and insurance claim.


If you have a doorbell camera or home security cameras, collate any footage you have of the scammer and any accomplices.


Report it to the police


There is likely very little the police can do to help but you need to file a police report in order to make an insurance claim.


Plus, you never know, the police might catch a break and know who did it.


Provide all the evidence you have collated when making the report and cooperate as much as possible. It will help them help you.


Report it to your bank


If you were paid using a fake cheque or other form of payment, report it to your bank. Again, there probably isn’t much they can do but without reporting it, the bank won’t know.


Provide the police report number and request the bank do what they can to trace the cheque or payment method.


It’s also worth asking for any transaction fees to be waived as it was a scam and not a legitimate transaction.


Report it to your insurer


It’s unlikely your auto insurance will cover you for the scam but you should report it anyway. Your car can be flagged as stolen on the insurance database for future reference.


Carfax will be notified by the police, but you’ll have to notify your insurer.


Car insurance is an exceptionally complicated field, so we won’t offer opinion here, but it is definitely worth reporting it and seeing if you can make a claim.


Avoid car scams altogether


If you have already been ripped off, it’s a little late. If you’re planning to sell your car, you’re just in time.


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No hidden fees, you’re paid directly into your bank and you can walk away happy in no time at all. It’s the new way to sell cars!


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