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7 Easy Ways to Save Money on Gas in 2023

7 Easy Ways to Save Money on Gas in 2023

Drivers are under pressure as gas prices rise in Canada and throughout the world. It used to be possible to simply hop in your car and go for a drive to "clear your thoughts," but those times appear to be gone now.


These suggestions will be useful if you live in Ontario or anyplace else in Canada and are looking for ways to save money on gas in 2023.


Plan Ahead


Filling up your car whenever the gauge is nearly empty is a dangerous way to do things. You could be forced to buy from a station that is charging a higher-than-average price for gas. If you plan your fill-ups, you can take advantage of gas-saving promotions.


If you are living in the Maritimes, check with the gas buddy website to see where prices are tracking; if the prices are set to increase on Thursday/Friday night, refill your car on Wednesday before.


Sign up for loyalty programs that give you an immediate discount per litre spent or cashback. Some gas stations will give you a better price if you pay cash instead of using a credit card.


Leave Earlier


We don’t mean turning up to work at 4am, but leaving 10 minutes earlier in the morning can make a huge difference to how much traffic you come up against.


I used to commute 110 miles per day to work and back and found halfway through my career that leaving 10 minutes earlier meant my journey was 10 minutes shorter each morning.


It also meant less sitting in traffic, maintaining highway speeds and having a much more enjoyable commute.


Save The AC For When You Really Need It


Ontario does have lovely summers but the days when we really need AC are few and far between. Saving AC for those days not only lets you appreciate it a lot more, it also saves money on gas.


Running AC makes your engine run around 10% harder to power it, which uses more gas.


Drive Efficiently


Keeping to highway speeds wherever possible is part of efficient driving. The most frugal speed is 55 mph or 88 kph. Drive smoothly, shift up the gears (if driving manual) at the first opportunity, don’t ride the brakes and allow the car to slow naturally wherever possible rather than braking and accelerating.


Fill the Tank When It's Cold


Despite the fact that your car emits fumes, you only pay for the liquid you purchase.


However, cooler temperatures make the fuel more compact, so you can have a slight edge if you purchase it when the temperature is below 15 degrees Celsius.


The fact that most contemporary tanks don't automatically compensate for this temperature difference, although some do, may work to your advantage.



Switch to an Electric or Hybrid Vehicle


A hybrid or electric vehicle is one of the best methods to save money on gas costs. You consume a lot less gas each day if you have a hybrid.


Ev cost comparisons


The greatest option might be an electric vehicle (EV), as you never have to purchase gasoline again.


Check the Overall Condition of Your Vehicle


Your existing vehicle could not obtain decent gas mileage even when you use premium petrol due to maintenance issues.


When was the last time you replaced your spark plugs or tires? Old spark plugs and underinflated tires are a couple of the reasons why a car doesn't run as well as it should.



These are our best tips to save money on gas in 2023. Thanks for reading! If you have any more questions, click here to contact us.

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